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 Suggestion for this site. What do you think? (15)

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Suggestion for this site. What do you think?

I was thinking for a week we can have double points. Like every arguement we write instead of 1 point it would be 2 or 3 points added to however many points we have. My brother KillerBee thought of that idea so I thought about sharing that idea.


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If you're so concerned about how many points are tacked to your arguments, why don't you just make a few more accounts to spam up-votes for yourself? ...

Cuaroc(8828) Disputed
1 point

why don't you just make a few more accounts to spam up-votes for yourself? ...

does'nt srom already do that though?

ChadOnSunday(1863) Clarified
1 point

Yes, yes he does, that was sarcasm on my part .

Mors777(59) Disputed
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I don't do that. Making alternative accounts would be untruthful.

Micmacmoc(2260) Disputed
1 point

But wasn't it addressed to Srom?



3 points

The only thing that should be counted is one's number of posts, I don't see the point for anything else.

Above all this is still a debate site, not a game of who has more points. Grow up, mentally.

2 points

What would be the point of that? Points really have no use at the moment

Points don't really mean anything dude.

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It's like saying, for a week we can breathe twice as much air as we would normally breathe.

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It wouldn't be much of use at this time.

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I don't really see the attraction of such a thing. Maybe if I were new, but then a lot of those people don't care anyway and it wouldn't make much difference to them; they wouldn't know any difference.

I think the point thing is stupid all together, why is it necessary at all. Most people don't use it the way it is supposed to be used anyway. More often it is used to punish someone for stating something someone els doesn't like instead of chastising someone for writing a bad argument. Ive noticed that arguments are often won or lost because there are more people who like (or don't like) you personally, then whether your argument is a good one or not. I vote for no more point system!

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I believe that we should get double points, this would make createdebate a better and fairer society for all.

1 point

since this popped back up, it is not so easy to modify points scoring, and to most everyone's point, it doesn't matter...BUT,

I am planning on addin badging before the end of the summer. Badges will help differentiate individuals and what they do.

More to come!

I'm OK with the point system. I don't have any complaints. I don't understand what everyone is so worked up about ;)