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Sunscreen in the winter?? Good or bad?

I think most dermatologists or experts (at least those on the social media platform) are in agreement that sunscreen is vital, not only in terms of protecting the skin from UV-rays, but some also claim it is serves as an anti-aging agent, since sun exposure is the cause of 80% of aging in our skin.

Then there are other doctors and influencers that claim sun exposure is good for the skin. Not the summer-sun though, but if you live in the north, you're probably not using sun screen in the fall or the winter, right? Some doctors think this is not only "not dangerous" but it is actually healthy. Their view on sunscreen is that it not only protects us from the suns damaging rays, but it also "protects" us from the GOOD things the sun offers our bodies.

What do you think? Sunscreen in the winter? Good? Bad?


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Sunscreen in the winter?? Good or bad?

I read a study on this funnily enough. There was a measurable improvement in the skin of people who applied factor 30 (I think it was 30, if I remember right) once a day for a full 365 days.

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