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Biowarfare War's a coming. Watch.
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SARS virus found in Chinese biologist's luggage a year ago

Suspected SARS virus and flu samples found in luggage: FBI report describes China's 'biosecurity risk'


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War's a coming. Watch.

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Here is a cool albeit old (6 years+) about viruses escaping from labs. This is a right wing leaning paper out of Canada, but appears to be pretty neutral. was-a-lab-mistake

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Hong-Kong flu, e-coli, SARS, Asian flu and now covid-19 all courtesy of our unhygienic Oriental friends who send rockets into space but have substandard sanitation practices.

As millions of Chinese continue to engage in the deadly habit of selling diseased wild animals throughout the filthy markets of the third world regions of their country the belligerent communist government is giving priority to building artificial islands in international water.

Like President Trump, let all the western world leaders have the political courage and moral fibre to apportion the blame for this death-dealing disease where it belongs, namely, The (SO CALLED) People's Republic of China.

What do you think China's next contribution to global population control will be?

Thousands of premature deaths, lock-down, catastrophic and far reaching devastation to the west's industrial and commercial base with one in four jobs being forecast to go.

Who will be left to make the goods which we will all need after the *dust has settles?

Yup you got it, the Chinese.

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Come now Kilcom. You wouldn't like a nice, big, juicy, monkey sandwich?

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There's no accounting for tastes.

Actually roast cat with shallots and little button mushrooms is my gastronomic delight.

You work your side of the street and I'll work mine.

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SARS virus found in Chinese biologist's luggage a year ago

So what? Stop trying to incite a war with China you annoying Nazi.

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So what?

SARS virus found in Chinese biologist's luggage a year ago.

Next it'll be the hybrid anti Nom virus. You're welcome for the heads up.

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