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Sustainability comes at a price

Building A and Building B are identical in size and appearance however Building A was built with traditional methods and is priced at £150k whereas Building B was built with sustainable methods and contains sustainable technologies but is priced at £175k. Which Building would you buy, and why?

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I know the typical right-wing (economically), PrayerFails-esque argument. We should care about sustainability when it becomes economically feasible and can compete with its un-sustainable market counterparts.


But at some point I believe we must value the future of our planet over economic prosperity. Sustainability only "comes at a price" if one values monetary gain over all else. And I'm fine with having the market set at what point and how much more we are willing to pay...but to assert that this is unwarranted in the sense this debate implies is ridiculous.

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But the only incentive to invest in such technologies is that they will potentially benefit future generations (because let's face it, current technologies  haven't stood the test of time) 

Sustainability does come at a price simply because the market is in a monopolistic state and until there is a government intervention or the market becomes competitive the prices will remain unaffordable in comparison to traditional methods.

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I would choose Building B, even though it's £25k more expensive. The sustainable methods and technologies used in Building B will not only reduce my carbon footprint but also provide long-term benefits such as lower energy bills and a healthier living environment. The extra cost is a worthwhile investment for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

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