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 TEEN PREGNANCY: What would you do if you or your child was a pregnant teenager (5)

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TEEN PREGNANCY: What would you do if you or your child was a pregnant teenager

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I have a daughter, she's still a child though. If she becomes pregnant at a very young age, I think I will guide her through her options, and support whatever decision she makes. I was a young mother, and becoming a mother definitely speeds the maturing proces, so even if she wasn't that mature personality-wise, I don't think there is need to worry. Typically we take responsibility when we are put in circumstances, where it is demanded of us. I know, this is not always the case though.

But you know, life is never perfect. Sometimes we become teenage parents, sometimes we get abortions, sometimes we wait to have kids till we are more mature with stable incomes, and sometimes we just choose to focus on careers and not have children at all.

All of those paths have something of value, and all of those paths have hardships. So the way I see it, no matter what the future holds for my daugther, I believe she will live a long and happy life :)

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A good question with deep social implications complimented with an excellent, comprehensive and responsible answer.

My faith in CD has been raised.

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One of mine was. The baby is now my 6'2", 200 lb., 40 year old grandson. The second, born a year later on her half brother's birthday, is a mother herself now. Since then, their mother finally got it together and became a Surgical Nurse for a Heart Surgeon. She is now battling cancer, has been for 5 years.

I am FOR a woman's right to choose, always will be.

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I honestly hope I'll handle it as well as I want to. I will sit down with her and talk about all her options. I'll let her know I'm there for whatever she chooses and will support her every step of the way, if she suggests something I don't necessarily agree with I'll advise another option but in the end it's her decision and she will live with it with me still supporting her in whatever road she wishes to travel.

OMG!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! I would be ecstatic!!!! It would mean that some how I have traveled back in time to an alternate reality. I would be younger and Trump would probably still be president ;)