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 THEISTS: What would it take to convert you? (8)

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THEISTS: What would it take to convert you?

Not convert to atheism. But of other religions. What would it take to convince you another religion is worth your time to convert to? Please try and embrace the HYPOTHETICAL scenario and but just dismiss this as “that'll never happen”.
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Unfortunately for most, it's a matter of faith, not evidence.

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Evidence would be nice, but I didn't exactly have that in mind. I mean what would it take to convince them, regardless if it is about evidence or not. ;)

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I'll convert to a believer in a heartbeat if the price is right... please send money to [email protected] and I'll worship your God... I promise.

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Is a $10,000 donation enough? ;)

iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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... I'm disputing that you have a paypal account connected to a createdebate email.

This is a very disputable point and one I vehemently reject.

Edit: on that note please send cash in the form of cash to Paypal [email protected] theists, and for every $50 I will donate 2, count them 2, pro-theism debates to a debate of your choosing.

Keep in mind, I'm an awesome atheist debater by my account, and you can pretend to have converted me if you want. WWJD? He'd definitely take me up on this offer but me and Jesus would be HAMMERED on free wine if he were here totally making fun of feelingtruth and plus that wine would be free, can you say effing score?

Whatever. Do you want this sick ass atheist arguing some Jesus juice shit or not?

I don't know if there is anything out there that could convince me to convert, but i am always willing to look into the beliefs and writings of other faiths for some guidance in my life.

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So does that mean you're eclectic in your beliefs?

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Nothing of my own genius trying to prove something is nothing an also that doesnt promote being respectful, fair, and understanding to my fellow man. I guess nothing will.