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yes,they are responsible

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Okay, okay... calm down already.

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Yes, you conceived them and you are ultimately accountable for your offspring. Yet, it is the responsibility of teachers to maintain the order so that tuition can continue without disruption.

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they should be responsible ok that is it. Anyone have any problems?

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If a kid acts up in school, and the kid isn't disciplined at home at all, how do you deal with that kid in school? That's the problem.

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yes he is right. plus i was just saying was their any problems dude ok.

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Everywhere there are various schools of thoughts that believe on different things regarding the children. Therefore I am promoting this site so that parents especially can learn through different perspectives.

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I deffinitely support the idea that parents should be held responsible for their school-going children's discipline. Unfortunately, people usually blame teachers for the bad discipline at school but actually the responsibility should be shared between teachers and parents as I'd like to point out that parents are those who spend more time with their children and the other important thing is that their influence on children is much greater than of anyone else's. I would accept no excuses when it comes to the proper upbringing of a child. If you wouldn' be able to take after your children properly then don't create them just to "fulfil your duty to the world"...

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But not all parents can be around all the time watching their children's every action. They've got work to do. The child's friends are a much heavier influence.

Who are kids around most of the time? Their friends.

The Problem being that most the time the child's friends are not good influences and/or they don't help each other plan for the future...they only want to have fun and "live in the moment".

I've also noticed a pattern were the school staff will only reach out to those kids who look like they have a bright future and they give up on those who look like they're going no where. This will impact the child and their discipline as-well.

Another thing; Some kids don't act the same way around their parents that they would around other people. So this can give the parents the illusion that their kids are disciplined.

I say make school hours longer so kids have less time to goof off with their friends and more time to plan for the future. After they graduate high-school they can goof off all they want.

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well i don't now what to say I root for both teams but i don't now it is so hard people

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