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Tap Water Drinking Fountains
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Tap water vs. Drinking fountains (Schools, parks, etc.)

What would be a better idea?

Tap Water

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Drinking Fountains

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I never noticed the difference. I've been drinking out of taps my whole life, honestly it's just as good as bottled water to me and I always assumed fountain water was the same as tap water.

If someone were to present a business plan 20 years ago where they bottled something which had been free for years, then sold it, they'd be laughed out of 99/100 meetings. Who figured people were that easy to rip off >_<

I'm still waiting for my bottles of air at the local market... wait, literally that's an idea... bottled oxygen for when you can't find an oxygen bar. Market it like an energy drink for you lungs or some such nonsense. That's mine, suing anyone who steels it.

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There shouldn't be a difference. If there is, it most likely has something to do with the water infrastructure. If it has an odd taste or smell for both it could have something to do with the treatment process or possibly organic material build up in the distribution system.

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Neither. (although there wasn't a neither option).

Tap water = bacteria from wherever it's been.

Fountain water = people's mouth germs on it, etc.

Bottled or filtered water FTW!! :)

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beinglostats(602) Clarified
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What's FTW?

Your comment on tap water depends on where you're located in the world. Tap water is typically free of harmful bacteria to humans. If it isn't it's usually for a very short time, as in a few hours a day or more isn't very typical of most water systems in the US. If it were, you'd notice a higher prevalence of diarrhea and cholera, to name a few.

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I think tap water is more beneficial. Someone with a cold can use a drinking fountain and other persons will then be susceptible to the germs.

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Tap water has got to be the most hideous tasting form of water I've ever tasted in North America. At least, water from MY tap. Bottled water is good, but it tastes a little too pure for my tastes (despite it probably being from a source little different from my own tap water). Drinking fountains aren't that bad, but it depends on the location. There's one in my city right beside an entrance to the sewers, so, if you don't hold your breath, it kinda tastes like shit, but a regular water fountain, to me, is better by far than tap water from my tap.

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I also agree that tap water has an "odd" taste to it. I don't know why, but I would rather drink from a fountain or better yet buying a bottle to drink from. Though fountains may have a lot more germs then the tap.

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Where are you from and what is the source of your water? (Specific to ground water or surface water) In most, if not all, US cities, a drinking fountains supply comes from tap water.

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