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Taylor Lautner or Rob Pattinson

I personally like Taylor Lautner!  What do you think???

Taylor Lautner

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Rob Pattinson

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Taylor Lautner FTW

Rob is as ugly as shit and is definitely not a god as described in the Twilight series. Anyone can be cooler than him.

Side: Taylor Lautner
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Robert Pattinson Is The Hottest Man Alive. If He Was Not Hot Would He Have Been Picked To Play Edward Cullen.

He May Not Have The Body That Taylor Has But His Looks More Natural.

If Robert Was Not Hot Would He Have Won The Choice Male Hottie Award

Side: Rob Pattinson
JustDeeIt96(6) Disputed
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Taylor Lautner Is The Hottest Man Alive. Why Would You Pick Pale, Awkward, No Muscle, Hairy, Dead Guy Over Tanned, Ripped, "Hot" Very Much Alive Hunk? Yeah, His Body Looks More Natural ... For A Pre-Pubescent Girl Like He Said Himself. Let's List All Of The Awards Taylor Lautner Has Won ...

People's Choice Award For Breakout Actor

Scream Award For Male Breakout Performance

Kid's Choice Award For Favorite Male Actor

Kid's Choice Award For Cutest Couple (With Kristen Stewart) [;

Side: Taylor Lautner

As horrible an actress as she may be, Kristen Stewart is the only worthy cast-member.

Side: Kristen Stewart