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Teacher Bans Students From Saying “God Bless You”!

Teacher Bans Students From Saying “God Bless You,” Punishes By Knocking Points Off Grade...

A California health teacher is banning the phrase “God Bless You,” said by some students after a classmate sneezes, from his classroom claiming the blessing is disrespectful and disruptive. For punishment, he knocks 25 points off the student’s grade if he or she says it.

This classroom rule is leaving many parents outraged saying he doesn’t have rights to impose his personal beliefs on others; the school agrees. Now, California teacher Steve Cuckovick has promised to try a less controversial form of punishment.

Maybe gesundheit would be better?

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I don't care, but by comparison if I'm a teacher and I say "satan bless you" after a student sneezes I will get fired.

I don't care if someone says "god bless you" - just pointing out yet another hypocrisy of the religious.

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Uspwns101(444) Disputed
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Satan cannot bless, and is it wrong to oppose a being that is pure evil?

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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What if I think your made up person called god is pure evil? I mean he's done some fucked up things according to the Bible.

Maybe satan's just had some bad press. I haven't heard of him starting a plague or pestilence after all, can't say the same for that god dude.

Either way, made up people can't bless anyone.

The point is that christians expect everyone to just accept that their god should be present in every single corner of society and go all up in arms the second anyone questions your ill-begotten majorities world wide. Meanwhile if someone of another faith acts exactly as a christian does, but with some other deity as the focal point, christians display with a rage the exact same "discrimination" they are continuously and endlessly crying about. Even more ridiculous, one does not even have to evoke some other god, all they have to do is not acknowledge yours and suddenly the self-righteous false self-victimization begins.

In itself christianity isn't any more or less violent, discriminatory or evil than muslims or any number of other religions.

However, though equally evil in many aspects, christians absolutely have a monopoly on pure and blind hypocrisy.

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DAVID! I thought for sure you had disappeared! Hello!

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I'm around ;)

Just busy and bored of the same debates over and over.

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Jeez, I read Bohemians comment and decided to look up the story. Fox seems to be the only source and par for course they begin by displaying their journalistic integrity with a title starting "Say what!?"

Regular Twains these Fox writers. They give no background, just a one-sided tirade obviously aimed at whipping their mindless readers into a foaming frenzy - naturally the comments are just as deep.

Fox is disgusting. I'm calling bs on this story.

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Usually I'd support this sort of thing... but to punish such a thing with a subtraction from the student's grade? Wtf? That has nothing to do with their grades! If you want to punish them over something that has nothing to do with grades, then punish them with detention of some sort! Or a cleaning duty! Something, anything, that DOESN'T have to do with their grades. Their grades should only be affected by their academic performance and nothing else!

And even then, I hate the current grading system... it's complete ass... but that's a different debate.

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Here is an argument from a diehard atheist! I don't care! It has just become the custom to say to peolle when they sneeze. I look at it as they are wishing me good health. I mind this no more than someone saying "Merry Christmas" I know there intentions and they are not to offend us. They are being kind and issueing us good will. The atheists who bitch and complaign about every little time they hear the word "God" or see holiday decorations etc. give the rest of us a bad name!

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Amen to that! I'm atheists as well and I couldn't agree more with everything you just said.

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I'm all in favor of separation of Church and state, but it is meant to keep teachers from imposing or promoting religious views on the children, and not to prevent the students themselves from being religious. Even so, saying "God bless you" is used almost in complete isolation from any religious context, and is more of a common expression than a statement of faith. It is similar to when people decry taking "prayer out of schools", nobody is taking prayer out of schools, there is no school that I am aware of that prevents students from praying on their own time, what we have really taken out is "School endorsed prayer" which I think is the critical distinction.

Then again I have to consider the source of this news, FOX News isn't exactly objective when it comes to these types of issues.

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On a side note, I also don't think taking away points that go towards a grade should ever be used as a punishment. A grade is a measure of academic competency, not of behavior. When an intelligent student may be seen as failing a class when they understand the material because of bad behavior, then we start to lose trust in the integrity of the grading system. If you are going to punish a student, then punish them by all means, send them to the principal's office, but don't distort their grade.

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25 points? Now that's a rip-off.

I propose 5 points off for the simple "Bless you",

10 points off for "God bless you",

And 25 points off for "May Allah bless you"


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This is just stupid.-----------------------------------------------------

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I think it should be allowed because every time that you sneeze you heart stops and when we say God bless you it means God bless you and hope you heart starts beating again.

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One, it could be blasphemy and no one bats an eyelid to that

Two, you cannot discriminate religion in school

three, WHAT HAPPENED TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH???????!!!!!!! (sorry about that!)

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Freedom of Religion anyone................................

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