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U R using the internet guys! thats technology, in that sense, there should be no one on the other side saying "I HATE TECHNOLOGY!" if u hate it, dont go online. C'mon, u kno u luv google, admit it. also without technology, u could not use this site to argue!


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I love technology mainly computers,ps3 and x box but i mean whoever posts a debate must at least like technology because i mean there on a computer.

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I love it. It's so cool to see the new stuff produced and improved every year. Technology provides jobs, makes lives easier (I don't care what anyone says; emailing someone is easier than mailing them), and is most likely the most powerful money generator ever. The richest people in the world got that way faster than anyone else, because of technology's ability to be shared over vast distances and over wide varieties of people.

Every few years, our scope has been expanded by technology. Just a few generations ago, people never left their hometown because it took so long and was too much of a hassle. Then there was the train, when people could travel pretty affordably across country even, then came the car, when people could take it into their own hands to go anywhere. Then the telephone became popular, and you could speak to someone on the other side of the world. Then came the internet, and you could share documents, files, money, and just about everything else. Now, people can communicate with people all over the world from their cell phone. It's nothing today to speak to someone in a city across the world, when just years ago this was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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Technology is amazing! It's so terrible convenient, I can hardly put it into words. I know it sounds like I am some sort of technology obsessive, but really, I only love it a little bit.

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Ah, technology. Such a insufferable thing. War, violence, the scale only gets bigger.

Then you look at what medicine has cured and what we can do now with the power we have obtained with technology. It's a slippery slope, technology is bad in the hands of the wrong but in the right hands, it can save lives and prevent disasters.

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What would I do without my X-box, PS3 and Wii consoles? :)

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LOL, perfect debate to play devil's advocate mainly cause it's such a stupid debate.

If technology never progressed, there would be no Atom bomb, child porn on the netz or guns.

There were times when true men had long, grimy hair and fought with heavy armor and big ass fuckin' swords. now look at all the pussies fighting now a days. shooting missiles from a boat 100 miles away from the target.

Technology is for pussies. Real men wipe out the enemy with their bare hands.

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Technology only has a commercial purpose, for that it cannot be REALLY helpful. It will only be useful once the people who develop it change ther perspective on knowledge.

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