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Teleprompter Trump DECRIES hatred. Twitter Trump STOKES hatred. Who is the REAL Trump?


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He's the highly confused fat guy that has trouble reading AND writing and is showing signs of dementia. He thinks our friends are our enemies and our enemies are falling in love with him. He also thinks everyone else in the country is "mentally disturbed" because they're not afraid of the women and children "invading" U.S. and don't know that even the two year old's are "security risks". WE MUST be dummys! ;-)

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outlaw60(15501) Disputed
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How much are you willing to pay there ROAD ISLAND AL for the ILLEGAL ALIENS you and your PARTY want in this country ???????

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AlofRI(3124) Clarified
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Far more than I want to pay for the damage white nationals do to this country every month! I have yet to hear of an illegal alien killing as many Americans as have right wing "domestic terrorists" that have been "citizens" for YEARS! THEY cost America $MILLIONS every year, and that doesn't count the horror the families of the victims go through! Take those $millions, invest the money into vetting those that want to become productive citizens, rescue those who are trying to save their children from a life with MS13 and EVERYBODY wins! If the money for the WALL was spent undermining the gangs in the "triangle", we would get FAR more for our money! Again, EVERYBODY WINS!

Follow Trump, everybody LOSES! (except Wall Street millionaires and the CEO's that funnel money too them! :-() (Oh, I forgot about Putin and MBS :-)

Give up outlaw, you can't even spell "hey". ;-)

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SUPER STUPID have you heard of ANTIFA ???????? Now tell me again who STOKES HATRED ? Come on DUMMY pony up if you can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Portland, Oregon, is rotting from within. Its streets, once a haven for creativity and expression, are roamed and controlled by masked thugs who violently and furiously attack people who disagree with them.

Conservative photojournalist Andy Ngo knows this all too well. He has spent years covering antifa and reporting on its protests in Portland, which turn out violent more often than not.

Ngo's diligent professionalism landed him in the hospital recently. He suffered a brain hemorrhage from the antifa thugs' attacks on him. Some of his photo equipment had also been destroyed. The attack was captured on video by a local reporter, Jim Ryan. It shows a group of masked young men hitting Ngo in the head repeatedly, spraying him with what appears to be pepper spray, and throwing milkshakes, which Portland police believe contained quick-dry cement, in his face.

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