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 Terrorist attack takes place on the campus of Ohio State University (14)

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Terrorist attack takes place on the campus of Ohio State University

A man who drove a vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday and then used a butcher knife to attack them was shot and killed by police, officials said. Eleven people were treated at local hospitals for stab wounds or injuries from being struck by the vehicle; none of those injuries appear to be life-threatening. The suspect was identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an OSU student of Somali descent. Law enforcement officials said they could not rule out terrorism as a motive.

Just another one of those peaceful Muslims committing a terrorist act on innocent American people. Abdul Razak Ali Artan of Somali descent went to meet his 72 virgins today and sent there by the OSU police. Wonder when the Loony Left Wing Media will try to put  the spin on this terrorist attack. 

The spin will be coming because the Governor of Ohio praised the police officer for the killing of the Muslim Terrorist. 
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Wow... look what was written about OSU suspect in school paper

So far, the MSM has refused to call it an act of terrorism, which is par for the course. They will often cite "mental" issues as a motive. This nut job's actions just reinforced the image he claims the MSM perpetrates on the public. Go figure.

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Time has come to ban all immigrants from any Muslim nation. The killing of innocent Americans by Muslims in this country must stop. These people are allowed into this country and they have pure hatred for this country and it's people. Abdul Razak Ali Artan has proven that point once again.

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Timothy McVeigh was a Christian.

And..this just in....terrorism was not the motive at Ohio state. So Islam had nothing to do with it.

Besides, nobody died. Unlike with Oklahoma city!! LOL.

Damn....I win again.

Allah ahk bar.

outlaw60(15368) Clarified
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OSU attacker is a Somali refugee so the vetting process of refugees is not working so well is it now.

dadman(1701) Disputed
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Timothy McVeigh was not a Christian ..... pfft !!


1 John 3:15 .. everyone who hates his brother is a murderer .. and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him

---------------------------------------------------- lose again.


Hitler was a Christian too! .... < omG how stupid is this man ?

outlaw60(15368) Clarified
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Law enforcement officials said they could not rule out terrorism as a motive. Terrorism is not ruled out so try again.

SlapShot(2608) Disputed
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Timothy McVeigh was a Christian.

Nobody died at OSU.

We cannot, for example, rule out that the universe is not a giant video game. But it is not.

Officials cannot rule out terrorism, but you will see by tomorrow that OSU was not.

The Batman theater dude was a Christian.

Do we call McVeigh and Holmes Christian terrorists?


So get the fuck off of islam. It is a non factor in this story.

Where, again, nobody died.

You need to quit cherry picking.

Hitler was a Christian too!

See how silly this thinking is?

I can see it but you cannot.

This is why I am smsrter than you. of the many reasons.


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The murderer was in his third year studying logistics management...that means he was trying to become a dispatch supervisor for a trucking company, or maybe an airline. Isn't it great that we have Muslims coming here and earning their way into positions where they can direct semi trucks in and out of our manufacturing facilities, public works and utilities properties, hospitals, air fields, schools, and everything else we have?

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Muslims probably commit these crimes out of desperation to get their hands on the hot virgins awaiting them up above ; incidentally how do they find even one virgin to populate heaven as they're rather thin on the ground in most places :)

Muslims cannot booze

Muslims can not screw around

Muslims cannot gamble

Muslims can only listen to certain music

Muslims can only read certain books

Muslims cannot own or paint an image with any living thing in it apparently it pisses Allah off

Muslims have to wail to a man who wails back in a tower 5 times a day

A lot of this list would apply to god fearing Christians as well but no 72 virgins for them just harp playing on a cloud with god and his crew for eternity .. sound like fun ?

The sad list goes on if I were a Muslim I would top myself or go out and get the police to do it , after all we don't want those chicks getting cold do we ?

I don't get it. why would you want a virgin? Would you want an experience woman that will ride like a bull?