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Yes, they are. No, they are not.
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Texting while Driving PSAs - Effective and Necessary?

This public service announcement is a four-minute anti-texting while driving portion of a longer 30 minute drama.  From what I've read, this four-minute version is the video being used in the United Kingdom.  I'm not exactly sure about the details of it being shown, like if it's on during regular TV commercial breaks, being shown in schools, or whatever it may be.

The question is: Do you think that Anti-Texting while Driving PSAs such as these, and the live performances taking place in the United States, are effective and/or necessary in making sure teens -- and adults -- keep their eyes on the road and limit distractions?

(The video embed failed... so here's the link.)

Some say this video doesn't deter them from texting and driving, and they doubt it would for others.  They say that it simply makes them sad, or mad, at the video for various reasons, as well as terrified to go out on the roads.  I find this interesting.  What is your opinion?

Yes, they are.

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No, they are not.

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They must be effective lest we lose more lives to having "fun" while driving. The video actually made me sick and I will never use my cell phone while driving again unless I stop first and get off the road. Nothing is worth this...nothing!

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Problem with kids the age those girls appeared to be, they have trouble understanding stuff, because they're dumb.

Most of them don't make the connection in their head that something like that could really happen to them.

Fact is, kids are terrible drivers, stuff just like that happens all the time,

but they won't listen to anyone, so I think kids just shouldn't be allowed to drive until 18.

But yeah, I think that commercial would work great for people who aren't still fetuses.

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Dumb isn't the word! One has to wonder why oh why the driver didn't pass that phone over to the passenger so they could continue to text while the driver concentrated on the road. I guess the point would have been lost had they done it but oh my, I was very upset by this and yes, I actually vomited after seeing it.

Side: Yes, they are.
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