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 Thanos is an IDIOT. (4)

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Thanos is an IDIOT.

The more people there are producing X the exponentially more of X there is due to specialization, If you cut the production and consumer base of X by half the decrease in consumption would be linear but the decrease in production would be exponential which means there wouldn't be enough production of X to sustain its consumption base. Now it doesn't matter what X is, its consumption is directly or indirectly sustaining the production of Y which in turn is directly or indirectly sustaining the production of X which means that there will be an exponential decrease in the production of everything while the decrease in the consumption of everything would be linear. a substantial decrease in population or in general people's ability to produce will severely affect everyone's living standards. We don't 'use up' resources, we utilize them in order to produce things and as technology advances we're able to produce more things from less and less resources.
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Seems to reason if one can snap their fingers to remove half the population of the universe, than one can snap their fingers to increase resources in the universe.

He is an idiot. Notice he didn't lump himself into the group that "must die". The tyrants never hold themselves to their own logic. It's like Osama Ben Laden, who encouraged everyone to martyr themselves, except himself of course...

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That's about how it always is through. The ones suggesting mass murder to "help" the planet, are never volunteering themselves.

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I reckon some suicides are a result of people judging the value of their lives against their perception of the perception of others. While I doubt most of them considered this under the context of overpopulation, the sentiment is the same. Considering this, I'd imagine we've had many volunteers.

Of course, they don't preach their insecurities to others and ask them to do the same.