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That Australia should accept far fewer migrants


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No, it should be fairly obvious that they shouldn't start making a high decrease in the number of accepted migrants.

The majority of migrants are coming here to work, not to lounge around all day drinking beer, as plenty of natural Australians seem to do. Migrants are flooding to our shores because employment opportunities are all the greater here in Australia, something that we are only just seeing a rise of since the economical crisis. A working migrant is what we need, not another illegal immigrant who would prefer to import illegal substances or to smuggle their families into Australia with the intent on reaping the financial reward.

If we want to cut down on the number of people entering Australia, then let's make a start with immigrants. Right now, Christmas Island is a prison which is about to burst, due to the fact that it now contains it's fair share of immigrants, and the number is only expanding as the years progress. In 2006, Christmas Island constructed an Immigration Detention Centre, which was said to contain approximately 800 beds and was estimated to cost around $210 million; the final cost was over $400 million. Immigration is a problem that has to be solved, so why would we direct issue towards migrants, who are providing Australia financially, unlike immigrants who continue to drain our tax-paid dollars. To show that migrants provide more economically, here is another example. Migrants usually arrive with the intent of settlement, in order to prepare for work. For this, many migrants will have houses created, which will provide Trade workers such as carpenters and plasterers with a job to do, which evidently gets them paid. Since more people have entered the country, more clothing needs to be made, and more food needs to be produced, both of which grants more work, which grants more money.

So, rather than choose to accept fewer migrants, let's focus our attention on the real problem of immigrants, and the problems that they are causing each and every one of us.

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sd123(33) Disputed
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I'm pretty sure that immigrants and migrants are the same thing. I've looked it up in the dictionary and on the online dictionary and they mean;

migrant - traveler who moves from one region or country to another

immigrant -a person who comes to a country where they were not born in order to settle there

Christmas island is a place for refugees and boat people. Some may be migrants but they are illegal. These people have run away from their own countries or chosen to leave because of the problems over there.

"Migrants usually arrive with the intent of settlement, in order to prepare for work." Usually doesn't mean all. And this is an assumption. If you could provide evidence of this and then show it this would make me believe your argument a little.

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SMCdeBater(242) Disputed
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You have already proved through your definitions that Migrant and Immigrant are in fact different. The key word to look at is "settle," (settlement). Immigrants are looking primarily for settlement, meaning that their only concern for the time being is to reap financial rewards and to provide a home for their families. A migrant, however, is noted in your definition as a "traveler," which would indicate that they are often moving from place to place in search of employment and in some cases settlement. This proves that migrants add instant economical benefits to Australia, while Immigrants do very little to support our country financially.

So, no, they are obviously not the same thing.

"Christmas island is a place for refugees and boat people."

Regardless, they are adding problems to a country they haven't even set foot in. Since the "boat people" are such a problem, let's ship them away somewhere else; we need to stop overpopulating Christmas Island before it gets too far out of control!

"Some may be migrants but they are illegal."

Hmmm, you seem to have confused yourself. I can see what kind of people you are referring to, and the term is 'Illegal Immigrant,' who are undoubtedly different to migrants. Besides, the topic does not discuss illegal immigrants, you need to get around the confusion you have placed in front of yourself. You need to think about some reasons why we should start calling for a large drop in the amount of accepted migrants, and then you can start commanding some respect in this debate, and I will probably have to start putting some effort into my rebuttal.

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I think I should point out that there are at least two other debates on this site based on this same topic. Maybe, next time the competition comes around, you should all check first before creating you debate to make sure the topic isn't already there.

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Australia is in need for immigrants. Nowaday all immigrants are skilled immigrants they bring skill! More doctors and teachers...more tax. They build up Australia's economy. Anyway the original Australians are Aborigins, so basically everyone's family was at one point an immigrant.

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