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That Australia should embrace Nuclear Power


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Seeing as it is one of the cleanest forms of energy that can be produced, yes. There is historical precedence for Nuclear melt downs, but they have all been caused by HUMAN error, not machine.

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TERMINATOR(6780) Disputed
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Human error is still error. Whether or not man was at fault or the machines, the result is the same.

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Yes. Certainly. All of the world should embrace nuclear power. We just need to be more careful about using it. Although we don't want another chernobyl, one has to keep in mind that there HASN'T been another chernobyl since chernobyl, and that plant was run by the soviet union who didn't exactly run it as perfectly as they could have.

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...only if they want another Chernobyl on their hands.

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kat_debate(24) Disputed
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Because Australia is a rich western country that would defiantly go by all the safety procedures. Most people don't realise it but Chernobyl's environment has gone back to normal. Also technology has advanced and that means so have the safety procedures. The other reason for the Chernobyl incident was that the scientists realide too much on the reactor.

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TERMINATOR(6780) Disputed
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Is that all that matters? That the environment goes back to normal around Chernobyl; what about the thousands of deaths?

Prove that the environment has gone back to normal; just saying it doesn't mean a thing.

Here is a list of nuclear accidents:

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