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That Judges Should Be Elected


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If judges were elected there might be more females in the job. By having a more evenly slip genders will ensure that there will be less sexist decisions.

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kat_debate(24) Disputed
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How do we know that will happen? If we just elect in judges how do we know that there will be less sexist desicions, there could be more.

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Maggieroxx(19) Disputed
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Well, when I last checked the world’s population is split 50 - 50

Even if the judges aren’t evenly split, at least we would have a say in who will be giving our sentence.

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If they are it allows for corruption in our justice system. People become biased and how does this help us?

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Some states already have instituted elections for state supreme court.

However, for the U.S. Supreme Court, there is no way that the public should elect for judges. It is already political, and this would only breed more corruption, and the court system is the last system that needs to be corrupt.

Also, it is explicitly described in the U.S. Constitution that the supreme court be appointed by the seating president, so there would need to be a constitutional amendment to appeal it.

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No, I don't think Judges should be elected. I actually don't agree with any voting, election system because the minority suffer greatly.

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