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That Marijuana should be legalized worldwide

Should marijuana be legalized? Explain why/why not

Yes, it should be

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No, it shouldn't

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How come every new member (including me) has to put up this whole "should weed be legal" debate, seriously, were bored of it, lets talk about other drugs!

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sonotbiast(24) Disputed
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If you're bored of it then why click on it in the first place...

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In general, this site is mostly pro-legalization of marijuana.

Some of us are in favor of legalization of all drugs.

And a small amount of us are against any regulation of substances.

But as guitarguy said... we've had so many debates on this.

And the consensus has been "yes, legalize it."

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It should be legalized. There was never a valid reason to make marijuana illegal. It was a bunch of propaganda in the early 20th century that lead to it being outlawed.

In todays society, politicians just use the marijuana issue as political weaponry.

Politicians just use it to bash their opponents with statements like "my opponent would...legalize marijuana! Can you believe this guy...? This drug is dangerous..." and then goes on to cite some pseudoscientific study that backs his empty assertion.

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Some of that propaganda is great fun though as long as you dont take it seriously, get wasted and watch Reefer Madness it's hysterical.

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Maybe marijuana will stop war. The nations should face reality and realize what a cash cow for them if marijuana were to be legalized.

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