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punish the bullies let them be
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That we should implement far more severe punishments for bullies in schools.

Bulling is an issue that is plaguing schools from all around the world. Schools don't punish them enough. The most is just a councilling session. Should we be more severe?

punish the bullies

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let them be

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yea those bullies need to be taught a lesson all the things they do to other kids they leave scars on the outside and inside that last forever

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The bullies must be reprimanded right away by calling the parents into the Principal's office and the parents told that if their child bullies someone again, he will be expelled.

Side: punish the bullies
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I'm on this side because bullies need punished through education and cooperation rather than by force. Bullies exist not only in schools, but in life in general. Bullies are bosses, businesses, etc.

With the right education a bullies power will be lost. Getting people to do something about them, is where the problem lays. Teachers look the other way, students look the other way, this happens until one cannot look the other way. Shootings, suicides, etc. all happen because no one wanted to reach out early in the game.

Side: punish the bullies
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