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We should tax it. We shouldn't tax fatty foods.
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That we should tax fatty foods

Fatty foods (foods that are high in fat) are surrounding us, everyday. It's conceded that they provide health risks, however is it put down to us that we should tax it for the health benefit rather than leaving it to self-control?


We should tax it.

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We shouldn't tax fatty foods.

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tax foods above a certain level of saturated fat content (maybe 20%?), which has been proven to have definitive harms to the health when eaten in large quantities, and then subsidise healthy foods and programs to educate people how to eat healthily. (in a nutshell, tax Maccas so fresh food is cheaper).

Poor people who are increasingly unable to move are becoming addicted to fatty/processed foods. There are three reasons for this:

1. There is a lack of education and understanding on how to eat healthily.

2. Fresh food is more expensive (because processed food lasts longer, among other reasons)

3. This food is particularly addictive

Because of these reasons, people are losing the ability to choose (this is great because it undercuts the Neg argument about choice). This is raising healthcare costs on the public system, and lowering the quality of life of people who eat these foods is great quantities.


1. Examining the problem: there is no real choice, obesity rates are skyrocketing (15% of under 5 year olds are obese). Particularly with regards to children, they don’t have a choice, because their parents feed them. Therefore we MUST guide the choice of parents.

2. Benefits to individuals: it changes the culture centred around food.

3. Society/Role of Government: It is just that people who buy these really fatty foods in large quantities and indirectly cause greater costs to healthcare system because heart disease as a result of fatty food is in developed countries the number one killer (or will be in the next few years).

If you buy these foods occasionally, then the tax won’t affect you, but you still benefit from fresh food being subsidised.

The government tries to shape people’s behaviour through things such as vice taxes (eg acohol/cigarettes), or even through regulations (eg seatbelt laws), as well as subsidies towards schooling (so that people are all able to access education, therefore learning to read/write is seen as normal).

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That's exactly right! ^

Food is addictive and cheap which makes it a bad source for people to get nutrition from

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Health care costs are overflowing in many countries in this current day. To surmount this, taxation offers many benefits such as the ability to restrict the purchase of fatty foods which will be a great economic booster.

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I mean don't drastically tax them, but I think the tax on unhealthy food should be higher for two reasons:

1. The extra money could go toward the health care that will inevitably be needed to care for the people that choose to buy it.

2. There would be lower prices (relatively) for healthy options like fruits and vegetables. That could lead to people making healthier choices.

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As we observe the wobbling gluttons lumbering through our streets we must come to the logical conclusion that the vast majority of people cannot be trusted to exercise self control and to heed the numerous warnings about over eating, especially fat and sugar laden foods. Regulations and taxes are the only ''possible'' answer to the blubber boys of the western world. The food manufacturers and the retail outlets are, respectfully, drug barons and drug pushers. These two profit driven groups of low lives know that human beings become easily addicted to the poison with which they lace our food. This is what I told my children when they were young and it seemed to have made a beneficial impact on their way of eating. Consider sugar and salt as ''white poison''.

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Taxation is theft. Theft is not justifiable in order to get people to eat healthier. If you think that eating fatty foods is bad, don't eat fatty foods yourself. Educate people and find peaceful ways to encourage better eating.

Why does it personally harm you if others eat fatty foods? In current society taxpayers are funding the high medical bills which is unfair (I live in Canada). It would be better for people to suffer the consequences of eating poorly by having to pay their own medical bills. Adding more taxes would only add to the injustice. There are better, more peaceful ways to solve these kinds of problems in society.

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One downvote, but no opposing argument? If you disagree with my opinion than why not share your thoughts?

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hamo94(24) Disputed
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It doesn't personally harm individuals however ones find that there is a certain need to help others of the community because that's what people call giving others care. Taxation is not theft, it's more of a way for the government to receive money which could be used for better purposes.

By people paying their own medical bills this leaves the malnourished and poorly treated individuals who are wholy incapable of producing sufficient funds to suffer. It's completely inhumane and is an incorrect argument relating to this debate.

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Integrity(73) Disputed
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Taxation is central to this debate, because that's the question we are debating: Should we or should we not tax fatty foods? I think it's perfectly reasonable to examine what taxation is first, before trying to determine if it's justifiable in a specific situation. You seem to be under the impression that taxation is the only way to alleviate suffering. I fail to see how it's completely inhumane and incorrect to suggest that people pay their own bills or else seek peaceful solutions if they cannot. My main argument, which I believe to be entirely relevant, is that there are alternatives to taxation.

There are charities in existence for helping the poor. If people would rather keep their money, do you think they should be able to? Once you start advocating the payment of medical bills by force, without the consent of the person's money you are taking, that has to be addressed. Wanting to help the poor is an honourable goal indeed, but you have to think about what you're actually supporting. Do the ends justify the means?

If taxation is not theft, are you are free to not be taxed? What happens if you resist?

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Elvira(3445) Disputed
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Tax is for all the things people use in a country: infrastructure, schools, hospitals. Without tax the country goes bankrupt. Not that I like tax, or infrastructure. But that's the way most people live their lives.

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Leave people alone who like junk food. Plenty of people enjoy junk food and their happiness for it should not be taxed.

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