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The Bible says the end of days is flooded by antisemitism & here it is


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The Bible says a lot of things, the Koran says a lot too. That doesn't mean they are the words of a "god". MEN wrote BOTH!

Where's the anti-Semitism?? It always comes from right wing nationalists … like the KKK and others. Any I see from the left is against Netanyahu's policies or certain business practices … which would come against ANYONE, not "Jews", specifically, certainly not their religion. Putin LOVES to spread this crap, pit people and religions against each other, divide the country, divide and conquer!

The "end of days" will be flooded with polluted air and water causing diseases …. certain "Americans"(?) will have a bigger hand in THAT, not the Jews!

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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According to the ROAD ISLAND AL the hoax of GLOBAL CHOAS is going to kill us all !!!!! ROTFFLMFAO !

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AlofRI(3259) Clarified
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Of "choas" you would say that while rolling on the floor. Did you bump your head on the table leg or something?? Your brain doesn't seem to be functioning properly. Do you have Obama care??????? I'd see a doctor …. or SOMEBODY in a white coat!!!!!!! ;-)

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