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True Yea, he and his alt accounts
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TheMask is a useless human being that should not be on this website


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Yea, he and his alt accounts

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Honestly at this point I think you both shouldn't be on here. Your petty arguments are flooding this site with garbage debates. Stop letting him get to you, you're giving him WAY too much power over you.

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Undertale(219) Clarified
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Yes there is a part I play on this whole thing, but I am most certainly not letting him get to me. I'm doin exactly what I want him to do and what I want to do. I did deserve that though, I will not lie.

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Just duet with elsa bro "Let it go" He can never get into you, He's just another person infront of a computer screen.

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Mint_tea(4647) Clarified
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You're only telling yourself that if you create debate after debate after debate about him. Unless you ARE him and are pretending you aren't just to get the debates....move on. Stop wasting your time. If you aren't him you certainly seem to be letting him get to you.

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There’s a pair of yous in it and do yous ever actually debate ?

Are yous even capable of debating ?

I’ve come across more mature 4 year olds mature wise and ...... intellectually

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