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The Clintons are like Herpes, yes or no?


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The Clinton's are like Satan's little goblins. They worship the devil and they aren't even human.

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People often tend to look at the leaders of organizations and focus or tunnel vision only upon them alone or upon them mostly.

While they often forget all of those supporting, upholding supporting, assisting, backing, safeguarding, spreading, defending and sustaining the policies and ideas of the leaders.

For eXample the term " Nazis " is often the main focus of peoples attention as they look on the policies of the government in Germany and Italy and Japan in WWll. However, they forget that the Nazis were supported by the majority of Roman Catholics throughout Europe.

The Vatican supported Adolf Hitler and German and Italian union with The Vatican Concordat / Contract was a FULL / Vatican Papal Support of the German / Italian alliance.

The Vatican Primate / The Pontiff, Pius XII and His family had major and deep banking investments and bank holdings that were losing their interests and strongholds. And Adolf Hitler was supposed to offer the Catholic Church and VATICAN full control over the schools and Catholic Churches in Germany.

The Italian and German Governments were set up and determined to work together to eXterminating the Jewish society and removing the successful elements of The Jewish race.

The Roman Catholic Church and Italian Government had been waging war on the Jews since the birth Of Jesus Christ.

The Vatican Primate / The Pontiff, Pius XII / Pacelli Eugenio was born into a wealthy family that was in service to the Holy See for three or four generations. His Catholic grandfather, Marcantonio Pacelli, had been the minister of finance for Pope Gregory XVI and deputy minister of interior under Pope Pius IX from 1851 to 1870. He founded the L’Osservatore Romano on July 20, 1860.

His Catholic father Filippo Pacelli, was a solicitor (lawyer) in the Congregation of the Sacred Rota. His brother, Francesco Pacelli, a Vatican lawyer as well, was dean of the lawyers of the Rota. He was also the legal advisor to Pius XI, in which role he negotiated the Lateran Treaty in 1929, established the independence of the Papacy with the formation of Vatican City as a sovereign entity.

The Pius Family had put an enormous amount of time, effort and money and finances into their Vatican banking structure and system and the Pius family positions and work in the Vatican had been a generational occupation.

So the great question is " Why would The Vatican Primate / The Pontiff, Pius XII - Pacelli Eugenio suddenly turn His allegiance and loyalty to Adolf Hitler to place His whole entire families future and previous multi-generational work and efforts, their bankings and monies and wealth into the hands and allegiance to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. ? ?

Hitler had already been convicted of state-sponsored terrorism and was sentenced to four years in federal prison for violently attacking the German Government. Also, Hitler wrote a violent book about violently destroying and throwing the Jews out of Italy and Germany and other places.

Why would The Pius Vatican bank and wealthy generational Family tree join hands with ADOLF HITLER a convicted terrorist and violent Jew hating psychopath maniacal satanic, evil, perverted criminal ?

The fact is - The Vatican Primate / The Pontiff, Pius XII and His Family believed that Adolf Hitler would keep His word to the Vatican Bank and INVESTMENTS all the way to the end.

And that all of the money that the Italians and Germans stole and raided and seized from the Jews and others throughout Europe was never to be returned, The Vatican absolutely had no concern about any Jews having their properties and wealth stolen from them …..

The Pontiff, Pius XII was expecting Hitler and the German Government to keep the Catholic Church in full control and to be protected by the violent mob rule of the Nazi party, to maintain force in promoting the Roman Catholic systems throughout Europe to prop up The Pius Vatican bank and wealthy Family structure that was to in return prop up the Nazi party.

The Nazi party was simply the MOB that the Catholic Church thought would protect its banking and Vatican investments.

We REMEMBER - that back in WW l - Catholic Italy Promised to a PACT / Alliance with Germany and Austria but only in word and propaganda. IN The Triple Alliance, Italy promised to help Germany before WW 1 , when and if they went to war...

But as soon as WW 1 began Italy played the wild card to see who would win ........Doing nothing to help their enemies or to help Germany. In 1915, Italy could see that the Germans were losing. So, in order to gain some German controlled land and colonies, which would be divided at the end of the war, Italy left Germany and joined the Allied side - The Britians. Waiting to see which side would win. ...Britain began Secretly bribing Catholic Italy with promises of GETTING attacking Austria. Italy wanted the Austrian Territories / South Tyrol / Istria & Dalmatia and The" Versailles Settlement " …..

Italy 1 year after WW 1 began ~~ Seeing that Germany was not going to win......Italy took the BRIBE... But The Italians did not get what had been promised . They never received their land. Because they never actually did anything in the war to help Britain..... Catholic Italy had their greedy EYES and HEARTS set on getting that LAND....they wanted to STEAL from their neighbors with PREMEDITATED violence and bloodshed but Italy got only 10 miles into Austria.....and were wiped of the map and pushed back into the sea

In WW 1 Italy supported Germany All the way up till the first shots were fired, Then just stood around waiting to watch the body count Then decided which side they would get land from...

This is exactly what The Pius Family did putting complete Church and Political support into the hands of the MOB in Germany, which directly led to WW 2 and a frenzy of Jew-hating Roman Catholics who thought that eXterminating the Jewish race would bring them closer to their goals and financial success.

In other words - The Clintons are not the only " Herpes " The Clintons and their " Herpe " supporters also are all behaving the way they do because it works for them, even though they "The supporting " Herpes " are destroying the USA and the family. The profit and pleasures and satisfaction is worth it for them, regardless of the effect.

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Mp/ They act like they are better than Republicans, but do the same things.

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