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Pro-legalisation of soft drugs Anti-soft drug legalisation
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The "Coffee Shop" situation

Should the use of soft drugs be made legal or not?

Pro-legalisation of soft drugs

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Anti-soft drug legalisation

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i personally think that we_

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Oddly enough, I had a very strange and somewhat relevant experience earlier this afternoon. I was looking to buy a ball of string and couldn't find one anywhere. Finally I found myself outside a quirky little hardware shop where the owner wouldn't even let me in. When I asked for the string he eyed me suspiciously, but sold it to me nonetheless. When I pressed him on why he was acting strangely he said he was selling massive quantities of string, and then went on to say he thinks people are using it to tie cannabis plants.

I found his paranoia quite amusing at various stages during the conversation, especially when he told me he "wasn't going to call the police or anything". String obviously being right up there with crack cocaine of course.

All that said though, the bugger was right. I did need the string for cannabis plants. I'll have to avoid that wily old goat in the future. ๐Ÿ˜’

Side: Pro-legalisation of soft drugs
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Coffee has a dark meaning, and thus my relation with it is conflicted.

I like coffee black (as my trademark in high school was โ€œthe void between stars"), but not too strong because then it tastes awful. I really cannot stand sweetened coffee.

My nervous system however, doesn't like coffee much at all. After drinking coffee I often get slightly high (euphoric), which lasts between 15 minutes to half an hour, because I am a HSP.

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