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The Cult of Climatology. False religion or science?

..President Trump announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

The bovine Michael Moore was typically vulgar: “USA to Earth: F— YOU.” He tweeted,

Trump just committed a crime against humanity. This admitted predator has now expanded his predatory acts to the entire planet.
Almost immediately a cluster of stars moved to agitate against the Paris withdrawal. Bolstered by a sympathetic media using phrases like “speaking out”—designed to cast them as heroic warriors selflessly looking out for the helpless Earth—their words soon permeated the airwaves.

“The truth is that the citizens of the U.S. do not need Donald Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Accord,” actor Edward Norton announced at an event in Poland in late July. Norton, like many of his peers, seems to consider himself a climate change guru. He is also the UN’s “Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity,” a position he maintains with druidic gravity. It’s vital that “people realize that they are not separate from the web of life,” Norton said solemnly in his interview following the UN designation. He continued:

Biodiversity is not just about the spiritual or the intrinsic value of all the amazing species that live on Earth. It is also about many, many of the fundamental pillars of our economy that are woven into biodiversity health.
If climatology and global warming theory were settled sciences, this activism might be considered admirable. After all, it’s hard to fault someone for hysterics if they genuinely believe the world might be coming to an (avoidable) end.

But climate science isn’t settled, and global warming remains an unanswered question. The narrative that human carbon dioxide emissions drive global warming has failed to yield convincing scientific evidence—despite gobs of government funding—let alone academic consensus. That isn’t to say it can’t be true – only that scientists have a very long way to go towards understanding how humans interact with and affect the Earth’s climate before we can claim it as fact.

To this end, science-lovers should promote healthy skepticism and not chase an elusive consensus—or we risk cultivating a myth of ideological pseudo-science.

Dr. Richard Lindzen, professor emeritus of meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT), notes in the Daily Mail that sources claiming that the Earth is breaking global temperature records admit only a 38 percent certainty in their findings. “Seventy per cent of the Earth is oceans, we can’t measure those temperatures very well,” Lindzen says. Scientists at places like NASA “can be off a half a degree, a quarter of a degree…. Anyone who starts crowing about those numbers shows that they’re putting spin on nothing.” But


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False religion

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Hello bront:

Now, I'm NOT a scientist.. But, I DO pay attention.. When I was a kid, we used to throw our trash on the ground.. I guess we did that because we thought we had SOOOO much ground, that a little trash here and there won't make any difference.. But, it DID make a difference, so we stopped doing that..

At the same time, we were throwing our trash into the ocean too.. I guess we did that because we thought we had SOOO much ocean, that a little bit of trash here and there won't make any difference.. But, it DID make a difference, so we stopped doing that..

Now, we throw our trash into the atmosphere.. I guess we're doing that because we think the atmosphere is SOOO big, that a little bit of trash here and there won't make any difference.. But, it DOES make a difference, and I simply cannot imagine anyone believing it doesn't..


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I ran a Google search on the word and came back with nothing except empty domain names. It would assist your peers greatly in future debates if you would kindly refrain from inventing your own words and expecting others to know what they mean.

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Your original post read: "The Cult of Clatology. False religion or science"? Perhaps you should not be discussing climatology if you can't even spell climatology.

If climatology is a "cult" rather than science, then it is a cult which consists mainly of scientists who study the climate.

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