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The DNC are complete idiots and fools

The DNC has decided to perform a publicity stunt where they are suing Wikileaks, Russia, and Donald Trump out of pure stupidity. Now they, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Lynch, the whole gambit...are fair game for investigation by the defense.

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If they were complete idiots and fools and if they did what they are accused of, why haven't they been caught?


I agree. They fucked us over with Bernie. Give me progressives or lose me to the Green Party.

The DNC are complete idiots and fools

This is a complete understatement. These people can label you Satan one day and as Jesus Christ the next depending on the needed narrative. They are schemers, plotters, quick to destroy anyone in their path. Ironically, in the Trump era, they have begun catching and biting their own tails, gnashing their teeth like banshees, howling like hungry coyotes in the night. Every time they point at someone, that finger winds up pointing