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 The Democrat party always explains which abortions are ok, but never which ones are not. (20)

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The Democrat party always explains which abortions are ok, but never which ones are not.

For decades, the Democrat Party and the Left has spent all their time fighting for the right to kill unborn babies, while never distinguishing or differentiating the healthy viable late term babies that should be protected. Do you see their priorities? They are so quick to speak out on the right to kill unborn babies, but never give one thought to all the healthy late term viable babies that they should be demanding are protected.

WHERE IS THEIR TOLERANCE AND COMPASSION FOR THESE BABIES? They have NONE because these viable healthy babies with healthy mothers can not vote! It's all about big money from feminist and pro abortion lobbies! Money supercedes innocent life!

This is just one more example of their radical support for No Restriction abortions, even when the vast majority of Americans say they want restrictions on late term abortions.

To all the phoney people who say you do not agree with late term abortions for convienence, tell me what restrictions do you want and why have you not forced the Democrat party to clearly differentiate and prevent late term abortions for convienence?

If you refused to vote for them in one election cycle, clearly telling them why, we would see a new abortion bill protecting healthy viable babies within a year.

How could you vote for a Party that refuses to make abortions laws protecting the thousands of healthy viable babies with healthy mothers? The answer is obvious. You are complete phonies and could not care less for these viable babies.

Every article a read from Pro abortion extremists, speaks to how only approximately 1.7% of abortions are late term.
1.7% of 700,000 abortions per year adds up to over 10,000 per year.
Maybe you think 10,000 innocent viable lives are not worth fighting for, but that would show your lack of humanity.

The phonies who could not care less, will now say how some of those 10,000 abortions are extreme cases.
GET THE POINT! You phonies care not how many are extreme cases and how many are for convienence. No one differentiates and tries to protect those healthy viable babies killed for convienence in the 8 or 9 No Restriction abortion States.

During the Partial Birth Abortion hearings in Congress, Doctors testified that the majority of those types of late term abortions were done on Special Need's babies. The next time you watch Special Olympics on TV, I want you to think about the fact that you support killing these Special children for merely being different and diverse.
They do not look exactly like you, or they don't sound exactly like you.......KILL THEM!

You support the deaths of all viable babies for any reason everytime you vote for this radical pro abortion Democrat Party. Will that effect your vote next time. I truly doubt it because you simply DO NOT CARE, even though you deceptive phonies say you do care.
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For those who would vote for the Democrat Party. If you have an ounce of integrity, and an ounce of caring for these late term lives, speak out to your Party, or any politician who will not clearly define which viable babies should be protected.

You will find that you are speaking on deaf ears. They create abortion laws that brings in the feminist and pro abortion money.

The only thing you have that will make them listen is your vote! USE IT!

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I do not know much about the Democratic party's ideologies, but I agree that No Restrictions abortion is morally wrong. If you want to abort, do it in the first few weeks. People should have the right to abort, but only early on.

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How come? What is it that makes an early term abortion okay that goes away after a few months?

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Early term abortions are not ok unless extreme cases.

People who support early term abortions have a little more humanity then the Democrat Party because they want to make sure the baby never feels pain, or could survive on it's own after 20 weeks.

Polaris95(240) Clarified
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Well, at the early stages, it is just a clump of particles that doesn't resemble life. In the later stages though, it is already developing, and therefore, could be classified as life.

FromWithin(8240) Clarified
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If you believe what you just said, then never vote for the Democrat Party because they support No Restriction abortions. If you elect them, you are a phoney when it comes to No Restrictin abortions, and you might as well use the forcepts on those viable late term babies yourself, because it would be people like you keeping it legal.

Polaris95(240) Clarified
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I am not American, so I cannot vote for either party. But if I could, I would vote for Bernie Sanders.

This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is and has always was been a United States Constitutional issue.

The point to be made against abortion as illegality is not made as limit on a woman’s right to make self-incriminations publicly against herself. It is self-incrimination as an attack made against the United States Constitution which is what takes place with smarter intellectual ways a public can claim a felony crime can be undertaken.

The word abortion combined with pregnancy is the basic prediction of officially stopping human life. Which in turn is like asking us for permission to kill some-one. The use of wording is not limiting who is taking place in the self-incrimination when made. Abortion plus pregnancy simple pointing out the intended victim will always be a child, as aborting adults lives are not the common way people say, or will admit kill someone, by threat. Therefore some special circumstance can be applied by suggesting time frame.

THE YOUNG ARE NOT THE ONLY VICTUM. MURDER IS NOT THE ONLY CRIME THAT NEEDED JUSTIFICATION. What is important is that the self-incrimination is shared openly to the public, then spreads uncontrolled into the general population. This happens whenever the combination of wording pregnancy and abortion are suggested, medically, as natural abortions are often described as a miscarriage.

To illustrate Constitutional separation by meaning, the words Gender Specific Amputation combined together or including the word pregnancy, clearly only admit surgical removal of some kind, not the officially stop expressed by abort, which then turns into termination as the restart can never officially take place in conjunction with any plans, like let’s say aborting a medical surgery.

The second United States Constitutional argument made against direct pregnancy abortion legislation is finding public separation to the self-incrimination of declaration to Civil War. A Law is claiming intellectual right to officially forecast the end life, and not simple take steps of separation. This however address the argument made between Civil legal accusation Death Penalty and Constitutional Capital Punishment.

FromWithin(8240) Clarified
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On a regular basis, the Left treats the Constitution as a living document than can be changed on the whims of the current culture.

This has led to the insanity of including abortion as a privacy issue spoken to in the Constitution.

This is how far the Left will twist the meaning of our constitution. The privacy clause now includes the privacy to taken an innocent life.

They twisted the Constitution to force every State to change their marriage laws, by calling it an equal right's issue. Under that sweeping logic, a man can say he should be allowed to have 30 wives in every State. He will say it is his equal right to do so.

All groups can demand anything they want under the all inclusive equal right's argument.