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The Democratic House had made a laughing stock out of the United States


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The petty minded, vindictive hierarchy of the Democrat party has dragged American politics through the gutter and in doing so has tarnished for ever-more the international reputation of the hitherto highly esteemed Presidency.

President Trump has minimized the damage as he remained dignified and strong in the face of this act of political terrorism by the anti-American antics of the Witch's Coven.

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The conservative Senate of the United States TOTALY EMBARRASED our country by showing the world we have NO LAWS ….. even a CONSTITUTION, that means ANYTHING ANYMORE! The U.S. is (embarrassingly), an authoritarian country all of a sudden! We are a country run by an ADULTEROUS, LYING JOHN, who is backed up by a "laughing stock of a Senate" who ignores ALL our laws, and is defended by lawyers who are complicit in the crimes being covered up! It's not the Democratic House that is embarrassed, it's the lawless Senate, controlled by the lawless "leaders" that have destroyed our respect around the world! Some ARE laughing … like the Russians, the Turks, the N. Koreans. MANY more are crying (or worried)! Even the United Nations laughed at THIS "Pr*sident", but, not because of the Democratic House, because he was delusional!

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The Democrat wants to wrap it's self in the Constitution but the Democrat has no clue about the Constitution but it does have Constipation

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At least they had the courage to stand up for what they believed in. And if I'm not wrong, aren't your Republicans just following along in Mr. Trump's shadow? But what would I know?

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Both parties have. From the pettiness of the President to the lunacy and fervor of the Dems and Republicans. Honestly I think we should just fire the whole lot of them, re-establish a third party and shorten/limit terms. Like or dislike Warren Buffett, his remark on passing a law that says anytime there is a deficit of more than 3 percent, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election, is pretty spot on.

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