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The Democrats went into a primal scream and have not stopped screaming

 Democrats erupted in a "primal scream" after Trump's election and "have not stopped yelling."


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Primal scream

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Those crowds of Progressives are screaming that without a Democrat President they will no longer be able to force every public school to allow so called Transgender boys into our daughter's bathrooms.

They are screaming how they will not be able to force LGBT indoctrination in our public schools as in Europe.

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Why should I care what you think? Republicans scream when people want healthcare that can't afford to pay for it, yet you are supposed to be a Christian. You are not a Christian if you refuse the least of these.

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I refuse the dead beats who spend all their money on cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, expensive cell phones, etc. etc. etc., and then tell us they can not pay anything for healthcare.

Bleeding heart fools want to redistribute hard working people's money to buy the votes of dead beats who refuse to live responsibly and then wonder why they have no money to pay their bills.

God says a lazy man will go hungry!!!!! God is not a bleeding heart! God expects responsibility from those we help!

Proverbs 19:15

15 Laziness brings on deep sleep, and an idle soul will suffer hunger.

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