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The Evil Of Republicans May Only Be Tamed Through A Good Thrashing Of The Buttocks

There must be no messing about. Simply attack the buttocks and bring these fiends under control.


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What is the Evil of Republicans I know many of them but I have not witnessed their evil please help me to understand!

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It is funny that people will down vote my comment yet can not actually give examples to support their arguments. I guess that is to be expected from people without intellect.

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Mingiwuwu(1446) Clarified
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There are a few bullies on this site, don't let the abuse get you down, if you want I can show you the face of one of them, he's living in some packed room where he fills himself rapping viles shit with a stammering delivery.

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Hootie(429) Disputed
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It is funny that people will down vote my comment

If it's funny then why are you whining about it like a baby?

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The evil of Republicans, according to Democrats, is when they stand up for the lives of viable unborn babies instead of the convenience of feminists.

This is the mentality on the Left. They are as screwed up as a human being can be. Their priorities are 180 degrees apart from common sense humanity.

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Liberals have changed the word sane with evil. I'm thoroughly convinced the left is a bunch of mental patients who created a party for stupidity to normalize it and feel good about their being nuts.

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Andy Ngo, a journalist and Portland resident who shared the footage !

NOM are u going to say the minority journalist from Portland is a Liar ?

Come on step up !!!!!!!!!!

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NOM Al Gore's Amazing Internet could do you some good if you chose to use it LMMFAO

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Al Gore is such a liar, he promised me global warming and it's freezing for this time of year. None of the years since his "inconvenient truth" have really been any warmer where I live. LMAO

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