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 The FBI & the State Department won't prosecute Hillary! Voters, are you also bought off? (8)

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The FBI & the State Department won't prosecute Hillary! Voters, are you also bought off?

What this election has shown once and for all to any thinking adult, is the truth of the corruption in our Government and how many politicians are above the law.

We just witnessed our FBI, our State Department, our IRS, etc. take sides and excuse Hillary Clinton's Benghazi's perjury, email lies, private server putting our classified documents at risk, pay to play foundation, etc. etc.

We no longer are a nation of laws. We are becoming a dictatorship where the Press and one extreme Progressive side of our Government are in power together to transform America to their Big Brother's political correct socialism.

The people can still have the final say. We the people can say, we see through your corruption even though you try to buy us off with free stuff. The voters, regardless their political beliefs, can make a statement that this biased above the law corruption can not stand. 

Voters must be intelligent enough to know that voting for Hillary will enable future episodes of this vial corruption. It would allow the FBI and State department to know they will get away with this corruption when they allow the elite to be above the law.

TAKE A STAND PLEASE, no matter what your politics. Yes Trump's an idiot who can not debate well, and has no idea how to express his opinions in an intelligent way. Guess what? That is nothing compared to what the Left is doing to our freedoms and our nation's laws.

Hold your nose, and vote for the NON POLITICAN WHO IS NOT BEHOLDEN TO SPECIAL INTEREST LOBBYISTS. He wants term limits!!!!!!!!!!! When's the last time you heard any of these elite politicians speak of term limits? He is not a career politician treating the people like sheep.

Our nation is dying and we absolutely need a change. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE? Trump will not be able to do anything crazy when our Congress must agree with policy changes. Send a message to this insane corruption from this extreme Democrat party.

We got Obamacare from a Democrat controlled president and Congress. Imagine what will be forced down our throats from this criminal who calls millions of Americans deplorble and irredeemable.

This is your last chance to save this nation from bankruptcy and corruption. If Trump proves to be no better, then we will kick him out. This is what every voter must do with proven criminals.

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Thank GOD that someone that usually does not see things the same, is on the same page as myself. Yes the Country has been corrupt for decades and it is just now showing because of all the shit happening. Did you know the Clinton's are a very nasty and bad family in the world of power in the United States Bill Clinton said "free trade was a mistake." Free trade was the best thing that could of happened we get things a lot cheaper now than what they would of been if the tax on imports remained high as hell.

Another thing is Bill Clinton has actually touched women and it has been proven. And Hillary wants to make Trump a disgrace for what he said. That is hypocrisy at it's best.

Hillary is above the law because she has money and the people to be above it. Anyone can be above the law you need to be rich and in the correct positions such as Secretary of defense and a Father that was President.

Trump is right: The system IS rigged.


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Just like how the Emmys are rigged?

HighFalutin(2921) Clarified
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Emmys, Academy Awards et. al. slant liberal in their choices.

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The system is rigged in so many ways.

What honest patriotic American politician would not be screaming for voter I.D. to prevent any possible illegal voting?

These Democrat extremists start spewing their usual racism when anyone mentions the obvious fact that every voter should provide a simple I.D.!!!!!!


Can you imagine how quickly these extremist Democrats would be laughed off the political stage were it not for the biased media in bed with them.

From all the reliable reports which I have read, dispassionately, I am firmly of the opinion that Clinton has committed serious crimes for which she has escaped prosecution.

There is no doubt that she has dodged prosecution as a result of her position and her contacts.

Living proof of two adages;- It's not what you know, but who you know, and;- there's one law for them, and one law for us.