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The Falkland Islands/Las Malvinas

The Falklands is conducting a vote for the local people whether to stay British. Argentina and Britain have fought over these islands, and even gone to war over them. Do you believe that they are and should be British? Or should they be Argentinian, even with the islanders viewing themselves as being British? Personally, I think they are British. Have been and always will be. 


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I think its good that the people that actually live on the islands are being given the choice, hopefully that'll appease the Argentinians and I'd be surprised if the vote went any other way other than British, same as last time they were given the choice

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Of course they are British and I'm sure the referendum will show that. The Argentinians have only piped up again because oil has been found there. The Argentinian President has said that the inhabitants wishes are not relevant in what is a territorial issue, so the referendum won't affect what she wants.

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Obviously they are British, the Argentinian position is based entirely on 'but they are nearer to us'. They have never had an Argentine population and were de facto Argentinian for about 3 weeks in the 1830s. Kirchner is using the traditional Argentine strategy of carping on about Los Malvinas to distract from problems at home (rampant inflation... collapsing economy...), when she well knows nothing will be achieved, especially now we have found oil (nice one Maggie!).

As a side note, Argentinians are universally disliked, particularly in neighbouring countries, very much the 'France of South America'. Asking for a good nuking if you ask me, come on Uruguay, what's a bit of fallout to get rid of those arses?

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The geographic location of the Falklands is closet to Argentina than the UK, but the people whom inhabit those islands feel distinctly British. The population wants to the islands to remain British, so it's best that they do...

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