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The Get it off your chest Chest.


Ok this is another one of those crazy pages i create just because i know that someone needs it to exist.

It may even be you.

So whatever it is thats got your goat heres the place to spill the fumes of your boiling head ,or heart and get it off your chest.

Bag out your anon , say whatever you like , curse the heavens , be racist , be rude , whatever your mood , get it off your chest.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS - people who are easily offended by real emotions , swearing or the fact that shit happens are not eligible to comment and will be banned due to their lack of respect for those not afraid to show they are human.

Ps.......of course as always feel free to not participate.

BTW ......Dont forget to visit the music box as another option for stress relief.


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Fuck you fuckin' piece of Shit neighbor come knocking on my door in the middle of the goddamn night asking for 'gas money' and I am generous enough to loan you a few bucks only to find out you lied to me so that you can buy some fucking crack in my neighborhood and then neglect to pay me back. It was probably wise of you to skip town for 2 weeks, but I have a long memory. I gave you the benefit of the doubt offering my kindness and you reward me with lies and thievery. If I see you again, imma run you over with my fuckin' car, hows that for 'Gas money' Mother Fucker?!

Well, I feel a little bit better...

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This made my day. (Yeah, it was a pretty lame, soul crushing kind of day.)

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Me ?

Im drunk ,

Going to bed.



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had half a page written up , bout to post it but in my drunlk state hit wrong button and it erased.

What a shitter.

oh well tomorow will still be here.

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Am I the only one flooded with rage when I see a few dozen oversized diesel trucks every time I leave the house? I mean if those people were actually using those trucks, maybe something would get done in this country for once!

Side: 'F' or 'Tr' plus 'ucks'
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Get something of someone's chest? My girlfriend's shirt and bra.

Side: 'F' or 'Tr' plus 'ucks'
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cute .

Side: 'F' or 'Tr' plus 'ucks'

I'll go with:

A S+ and F+

in the bed of a Tr+

until the rooster Cl+s

would make me a L+y schm+

Side: uck me
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Avoid avoid avoid. It seems that no one really wants to deal with difficulty.

If it's easy, that's what were attracted to. If you can arrange your life so it's relatively effortless you are considered successful wise and smart.

More attention is given to unimportant things than important things...

Side: uck me
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Side: uck me