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The Great Marijuana Debate

Is weed a net positive or negative substance? Should it be legal? Why or why not? Do you use? If so what are your experiences? 

Smoke Weed Erry Day

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All drugs should be legal. Do what you want as long as it doesn't interfere with my freedom.

Pot? Not addictive, in my experience, at all. BUT it will make you sit around a lot and stare. Plus I do not recommend flying while stoned. One time I was high as a kite leaving New Orleans and I was certain we were all gong to die in a fiery crash.

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I'm currently a sophomore in college and I use basically daily. I smoked last year as well but not as much. Since making the transition to a daily smoker I have only experienced positive changes. My grades have increased from last year, my anxiety remains manageable as well as my stress, and I find myself managing my workload much more efficiently using weed as a reward system.

The only negative aspect would be that fact that I have to keep it hidden because it's illegal and the money I spend on it which isn't that much.

It should be legal. Not just because I use it. The war on drugs has failed. I can get weed so easily it's laughable. In fact it's even more convenient to me illegal than it would be legal. All this money is just running through the black market and underground economy and is not boosting the economy nor is any tax revenue being collected. This money is funneled into the hands of criminals because criminals are the only people who do business with it. If you legalize it then the industry can grow above ground and aide the economy, the tax revenue can bolster state programs, the people who use it can get it safely, cheaply, and with guaranteed regulatory zeal, it can be kept out of the hands of young people, and research into its medicinal properties can boom leading to a plethora of new treatments for cancer patients and the like. Not to mention the resurrection of the hemp industry which will help to fight climate change by creating a cheaper and more renewable source of paper, fabric, fuel, ect. It is more dangerous while illegal and that goes for pretty much anything. I'm more likely to die getting shot on my way to pick some up from back-ally Joe than I am to smoke too much and die from THC overdose which isn't even possible.

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Weed doesn't have you hung over regretting what you did last night like alcohol does. Weed doesn't kill you if you have too much like alcohol does. Weed doesn't cause cancer like cigarettes or have nearly as much toxic chemicals in it's smoke. And through my own observation in smoking both tobacco and marijuana the old debate of marijuana having more tar in it's smoke i find to be false just by using my pipe i can see that tobacco leaves more tar/resin black stuff in it then weed. i no longer smoke tobacco.

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Marijuana should be as legal as nicotine smokes. They are actually better than cigarettes and helps the effects of cancer of other diseases.

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Smoking Marijuana is a toXin to Your lungs, cardiovascular system and a toXin to Your nervous system.

Smoking Marijuana is a danger to the child that a man or a woman produces, causing health problems for the child in its mental and physical development.

Even in children and young adolescent adults, Smoking Marijuana is very dangerous. If You smoke enough Marijuana You cannot operate anything technical and it is dangerous to drive or do anything such as driving or mechanical operations.

You wait for some time to pass while You " Come Down " from Your high. Alcohol is the same, same health risks if You drink large and frequent amounts of alcohol You will risk Your organs health and also is dangerous to the health of a baby in the womb.

However with alcohol - it is totally legal, people do not go to prison or get into any trouble for having an unopened case of beer or an unopened bottle of whiskey in the trunk or back seat.

Therefore people tend to abuse and overdrink and even drink and drive because it is completely legal to possess alcohol.

In Colorado, The 2013-16 period saw a 40 percent increase in the number of all drivers involved in fatal crashes in Colorado, from 627 to 880, according to the NHTSA data. Those who tested positive for alcohol in fatal crashes from 2013 to 2015 — figures for 2016 were not available — grew 17 percent, from 129 to 151.

By contrast, the number of drivers who tested positive for marijuana use jumped 145 percent — from 47 in 2013 to 115 in 2016. During that time, the prevalence of testing drivers for marijuana use did not change appreciably, federal fatal-crash data show.

And the numbers probably are even higher.

State law does not require coroners to test deceased drivers specifically for marijuana use in fatal wrecks — some do and some don’t — and many police agencies say they don’t pursue cannabinoid tests of a surviving driver whose blood alcohol level is already high enough to charge them with a crime.

“I never understood how we’d pass a law without first understanding the impact better,” said Barbara Deckert, whose fiancée, Ron Edwards, was killed in 2015 in a collision with a driver who tested positive for marijuana use below the legal limit and charged only with careless driving.

Marijuana should be more regulated IF the government wants to make it legal, the government should crack down on DUIs just like they do with Alcohol.

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