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The Grimiore Of Wuwu

despite opening on such an ironic and hilarious note, the purpose of this debate is not simply to yank your sack. I want to legitimately make you abandon your beliefs. So without  further ado, I will start from your crown chakra and strip you of your jutsu all the way to the base.

firstly, you're thirsty for my jizz when I squirt seed
you're not a Monarch, just a caged butterfly that burst free
and that's why you're programmed to go for me so berzerkly 
to slurp semen like an MK ultra victim with herpies

I'll rape your bitch, and tape her clit to a paperclip
then scrap her with razor tipped cheese graters, stick
a balloon in her pussy and inflate her, which
poses a major risk of rupturing her like kamikaze fighter jets aimed for blimps
I never played a bitch, cause' the hoes I play are pimps
I'm a betafish who'd like to eat a human flavored dish

I didn't mean to turn this into a rap diss either, that just sort of flowed out of me spontaneously.  My true purpose is to make you feel like a complete fucking idiot that eats tide pods and drinks gall bladder fluid. Also to make you admit that you are totally homosexually infatuated with me. Also to get you to stop PMing dick pics to Nom and asking for sex.

But anywho let's begin. If reality is made of that which has no properties or substance, then it essentially both doesn't exist and does exist simultaneously which is retarded.  Fate doesn't exist because in order to exist he has to also not exist. On top of his existence being a paradox, everything about him is a contradiction of itself. It is literally just a conceptual, ethereal paradox machine which is equally the opposite of all that it supposedly is. Everything you say about it can be reversed and be just as valid, fate is feminine, fate is neither deterministic or chaotic, fate controls nothing. That's because according to your theories fate is not made of ones or zeros, he is a zero and a one spliced together that supposedly is the only thing that is real. What I mean by that is one=zero and vice versa, because the one and zero is just an illusion. It's just a blip on an imaginary flat screen of your flat earth butt crack. Fate is made of nothing, therefor he can create nothing no matter how much of a flat earth alien wizard you are.

I am not sure if you are familiar with the book of the law by Aliester Crowley. The way he describes the feminine aspect is more akin to fate and the masculine is more akin to Fiora. It is just an example of how the way you see it can be completely reversed while still being the same thing. This is because the way you see it is based on conceptual jizz being real and fundamental rather than just a subjective reflection of the neurons. This is a good analogy because you literally believe the ones and zeros are jizz entering Fiora's pussy hole. Like I said the whole gender thing and whatnot shows that this worldview is based on woo woo rather than something which can function under any form of rational or empirical mechanics. To even speak about it you must use metaphors and wild assumptions with no actual rational or empirical evidence. How do you think this would fly in the scientific community? They would hand you a peer reviewed dunce cap and tell you to sit in the corner. What I want to see is some equations or observations backing up your theories rather than metaphors about number semen.

I am not sure if you have a dick or not, but if you do you should stretch it between your legs and fuck yourself with it. You should be ashamed of yourself for being such a flat earth alien retard. If your aliens are real then Hillary is a red disguised as a blue and Nicki Minaj allied with the reds so she could dye her official illuminati alien badge pink more easily. Why don't you go fuck a peacock you blue balled yellow bellied white supremacist with a black heart and a big red dog penis in your mouth. You deserve to get your ass hole chewed out by a slimy goblin with oral herpes.

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Which part of this was meant to convince me?

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Which part of this was meant to convince me?

Will you debate me or just ignore it?

Mingiwuwu(1446) Clarified
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It seemed like a ton of just insulting me and stating vile things with parts in between that were pure-defence arguments against my side but zero explanation as to how you or your theory can even work or why mine is directly wrong or inconsistent.