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The Holocaust Industry: Does "anti-semitism" actually exist today?

What is anti-Semitism today?

Is it a real and continuous danger that requires eternal vigilance


a tactic used by right-wing Zionists to discredit and cow their critics?


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Is antisemitism defined as hostility or hatred towards Jews as a group? Yes.

Do some people hate Jews? Yes.

Does antisemitism exist today? Yes.

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Argento(512) Disputed
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I'm sorry that I didn't make the title of the debate more precise, just wanted to point out that the point of the debate is to discuss whether anti-semitism is as rampant as it is claimed to be.

Also to discuss the possibility that the people who are charged with "hating the Jews" are in fact haters of Israely policy, which is not the same thing.

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Please feel free to point out which of my conclusions are incorrect.

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Yes. Just look at all the anti semitism in the middle east.

I would say it's still a problem seeing as how they already have religious segregation.

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Argento(512) Disputed
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Just look at all the anti semitism in the middle east

The question is, is it really anti-semitism, or a sentiment of hatred towards the Israeli government and their actions?

Also, it is important to point out that the term Semite describes a broader range of Arabs, including muslim Arabs, and not just the Jews. Therefore, in true linguistic terms, the suggestion that a non Jewish Arab is "antisemitic" is essentially a contradiction, unless of course they hate all Semites (including themselves!). And yet, the term "anti-semite" has somehow been limited to mean hatred of Jews exclusively.

Also, do you think the Palestinians hate Israel because it's a jewish state?

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orangepeel(190) Disputed
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Ok, well then I should have said "Look at all the hatred of Jews in the middle east."

I know the Palestinians believe that Israel was their land originally, but what is the dominant Palestinian nationality?

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Yeah, I really feel sorry for the poor, downtrodden Jews. Another holocaust is right around the corner...yeah. Never forget. Jews are so oppressed that they can barely feed themselves. They are disgustingly poor and totally without political power. They need our help.

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zombee(1026) Disputed
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You realize that your post does not at all begin to disprove that antisemitism is nonexistent, right? In fact, it is convincing evidence that it is alive and well in some people.

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I had a few too many cocktails last night when I wrote that, pardon me. It would be ridiculous to take the position that anti-semitism is non-existent. I feel the question should have been "Does anti-semitism exist to the extent claimed by the ADL, the JDL and the SPLC?" or "Is anti-semitism as rampant as most Jews claim it is?" We all know that many black people often play the race card. Is it impossible to believe that many Jews play the Holocaust card? Yes, antisemitism exists, but nowhere near to the extent that it is exaggerated to be.

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Here is a former Israeli politician explaining their tactics.

Anti-semitism- "It's a trick, we all use it".
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31 hours have passed and not a single comment disagreeing with the videos I posted. Maybe I should just start posting videos, I could win every debate instantly.

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