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The Hypocrisy of Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck has been one of the most vocal critics of the proposed healthcare bill, calling America's current healthcare system "the best in the world." Does Glenn Beck truly believe both his own opinion of the current healthcare system and his opposition to the proposed healthcare bill, or is he simply playing politics and arguing against a democrat's idea of a new healthcare system.

For your viewing pleasure, I present a video at the following link:

The video in question is the top one, and regardless of your view on The Daily Show, I suggest you give the short video a few minutes of your time. Please be aware that I am not implying that all people who oppose the healthcare plan are hypocritical, and I understand that there are those who are opposed who truly believe in their reasons for opposition.

I believe that Glenn Beck, however, is not one of those people, and this debate is specifically about Glenn Beck's hypocrisy with regards to this issue. Is Glenn Beck simply playing politics and blindly defending the majority Republican view without truly believing it?

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The guy is blinded by his hatred of the Democrats so much that he's clearly lost any rational, constructive or even consistent ability. When he was criticising the existing HC system it was news-worthy. What a schmuck.

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Two Points:

1. Just because something is the best doesn't make it perfect. Glenn Beck wanted to expose the problems we do have, but he doesn't want an even worse version.

2. as JakeJ said, this was over a year ago. Opinions can change. But to me, this isn't the case. The first point is the real one.

I have a problem with the flaws that private healthcare has brought, but i have an even bigger problem with government regulated healthcare. to me, privatized healthcare is much better than regulated healthcare, despite its flaws.

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xaeon(1093) Disputed
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"Just because something is the best doesn't make it perfect. Glenn Beck wanted to expose the problems we do have, but he doesn't want an even worse version."

The main point here is how quickly his rhetoric changes from "a flawed health system" to "the world's best healthcare system" depending on the point he's trying to make, and I can see no other reason for the extent to which his opinion has changed other than it being based purely on politics.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying that you are against the proposed healthcare bill whilst also acknowledging the flaws of your current system (for which there are many), or even consistently saying that the current system is great. However, it's an entirely different thing to attempt to claim that the same system you berated previously is now, apparently, the world's best healthcare system because someone is attempting to reform it in a way that you don't approve of. If he had any kind of integrity, he would continue to acknowledge his previous opinion that the US healthcare system is flawed whilst also saying that he disagrees with the proposed reforms. That's not what he's doing though: He's allowing his politics to shape his opinions, rather than basing his politics on his existing opinions and morals. He has absolutely no integrity.

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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Why MUST he add something that isn't relevant to the point he's trying to make?

Him and I both agree that America's healthcare system is the best in the world. Him and I also agree that there are flaws.

If you watch or listen to his show on a regular basis, he agrees that there are problems with the current healthcare system, just how there are problems with everything. nothing is perfect.

that montage on the Daily Show was made for obvious reasons, to make Glenn Beck look bad. But even if that were the case, the point still stands. Nothing is perfect. His opinion is that America has the best healthcare system in the world, but, it can't be perfect, just like everything else.

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2 points

So apparently you are saying [by making this debate] that anyone who has a change of heart, or changes their opinion is a hypocrite.

Oh and John Stewart is accusing somebody of talking out their ass!? Interesting.

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xaeon(1093) Disputed
6 points

"So apparently you are saying [by making this debate] that anyone who has a change of heart, or changes their opinion is a hypocrite."

I was under no illusions that your stance on this matter would be to defend him to the rafters rather than admit that he has shown a complete lack of integrity. Let us first go over some of the quotes that were highlighted within this video. Take some time to go over them.

"It was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life to receive healthcare in the United States. It's one of the hospitals where the president of GE is treated. If they don't care about GE, do you really think they care about schlubs that are just average working stiffs?"

"No matter how much the healthcare system would try to keep me down, I'm back. A personal voyage through the nightmare that is our healthcare system."

"We seem to be ... a society or system in healthcare that is just trying to shove the patients out that door as fast as they can. Getting well in this country can almost kill you."

Clearly, these are not the comments of a man who is on the fence about the level of care provided by the US healthcare system. These quotes came almost directly after having to go through the healthcare system himself and were based on his own experiences. He is clearly not a fan.

So, let's fast-foward eighteen months in time. Obama, a democrat, is now the president of the United States and wishes to reform the current healthcare system. Now let's see what Glenn Beck's opinion of the healthcare system in the United States is.

"You're about to lose the best healthcare system in the world."

"We are the only country in the world where leaders come from every other country to get health care when they can't get the right kind of health care in their own country." - Your Beck And Call, July 21, 2009.

And herein lies the hypocrisy. There would be absolutely no problem if he was honest and said that whilst he certainly (and obviously not from his previous statements) is not a fan of the current system, he also feels that the proposed system is wrong. This is called integrity. There is absolutely no way that a person can legitimately go from calling the healthcare system a nightmare to calling it the best in the world in eighteen months. Can you honestly tell me that this change in rhetoric is based purely on a change of heart? No, of course not. He's drawing a political line and doing whatever he can to keep America on the Republican side of that line, even if that requires him to lie about his own opinions on the American healthcare system.

He is lying about his own opinion in order to further his cause of opposition to the reform plans based on a purely political reason, and for this reason he is a hypocrite.

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Ignoring the whole Glen Beck thing for a second, I find that your criticism of Jon Stewart is unfounded. What he does best is what he did in this last segment: show videos of peoples own words contradicting themselves (whether it be Jim Cramer or Bill O'Reilly)

I would agree that this happens the majority of time against conservatives or Fox news, but he also criticizes those on the other side as well, and the fact that most of his criticisms are of Fox has to do with the fact that Fox news anchors are the ones that most often contradict themselves in order to support the Republican party.

For someone who seems to be so concerned with the media, I'm surprised that you are critical of Stewart. He often shows how ridiculous the news coverage is on the 24 hour news networks (including CNN and MSNBC).

In no way does Jon Stewart ever talk out of his ass. His show is not just witty, but also insightful in ways that the media often fails to be. Take off the partisan glasses for 5 seconds and you would realize this Jake.

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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A montage of quotes taken out of context isn't REALLY using their own words against them.

It's unfair when Conservative do it, and I find it just as despicable when Liberals do it.

I only give Stewart a pass because the correspondents on the show are pretty funny... although, Stewart himself really isn't that funny. Every once in a while he'll come out with a good zinger, but it's probably from one of his writers.

Side: not a hypocrite
2 points

Glenn Beck didn't change his opinion, he merely decided to focus on a separate issue.

It seems that someone can't believe that something is both the best in the world and not perfect... according to people like Jon Stewart at least. I think O'Reilly would call that spin.

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2 points

First, there are a couple of completely indisputable facts that should be noted for the couple people who maintain now that our healthcare is the best:

1. We spend per person more than any other nation on healthcare. link

Now consider also, that those countries listed below us have populations smaller than some of our medium sized states... I mean where the f--k is all this money going?

2. Here is our world ranking as far as healthcare goes link

again, where the f--k is all this money going?

Now, if one were to listen to Glenn Beck, and believe that he has a sane cell in his brain, one may also dispute the world health organization as some type of NWO liberal conspiracy that just wants the US to look bad, okay fine, I mean, there's all kinds of numbers and figurin' and elite liberal scientific method that goes into calculating world rankings. But numbers, numbers are numbers and quite hard for even crazy people to dispute. So...

3. link - forget abortion, our healthcare system kills more babies than unwed mothers. And link - there's your "death panel" for you.

Now I realize none of these sources come from the Bible, so the chances of Glenn Beck actually looking them up before spewing pop-neocon hogwash on national tv is slim,

but surely you who are already on the internet anyway can take the time to click over.

I remember the first time I heard Glenn Beck, it took me about 30 seconds to realize something about him.

Unlike Rush, (who is a manipulative pill popping bastard and actually quite bright, who he himself believes very little of what he is saying but is only stringing along the morons who follow his every syllable like gospel and probably laughs his ass off at how dumb his followers are during every commercial break - which would actually be kind of funny if it weren't so sad)

Unlike him, Glenn Beck is just kind of dim. I believe he believes what he is saying unfortunately, and I believe that, when one second he's decrying the mess our healthcare has become, then the next saying it is the greatest in the world,

that he is completely incapable of seeing his own hypocrisy.

If a liberal said the sky was blue, Beck would cry and say they hate America, then wear red tinted shades to prove to himself the sky was red.

Hypocrisy takes a level of understanding that Beck simply does not have. While the mental gymnastics it must take in order to live in such a state of blind denial as he - is quite impressive, and the number of firing synapsis during one of these fits must be overwhelming, I'm afraid that brain activity is completely involuntary and can in no way be attributed to intelligence.

He seems a hypocrite to anyone who would bother to look up facts, or his past on issues, or even map out a few of his sentences during his show,

But I believe he is genuine in his opinion in whatever moment he has that opinion.

Side: sad really
ThePyg(6737) Disputed
1 point

Interesting conspiracy.

If you truly believe in Conservative beliefs, you're dumb. If you're a smart Conservative, you're only doing it to gain power and money.

yes, because the other side can't POSSIBLY have a good reason for their opinion.

And any comparison like this to a liberal would just be spin and off topic, right?

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
2 points

Show me where I said anything even remotely resembling that... unless you believe Beck to be intelligent and all Conservatives to follow everything he says.

It's alot easier to assume bias on the part of the opposition when they have facts to back them up and you don't huh?

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JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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If you don't like him and his views, don't watch his show and ignore him. I do the same to Keith and Rachel on msnbc. There are idiots on both sides of the aisle. I really don't get what calling him out is going to solve. Everyone knows he is 'different', but everyone is entitled to their own view of things. If he wants to rant against the health care bills out there, let him. He is desperate for ratings, similar to Keith and Rachel, and they will say just about anything to get people to watch them.

Side: entitled to his opinion
Spoonerism(831) Disputed
2 points

My big problem with him is that unlike Keith and Rachel, he's succeeding at getting the ratings he wants. Which means people are buying what he says. Which means America is stupid.

This is troublesome in many ways.

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I find it interesting that O'Reilly, Hannity, and Beck are almost always at the top of the cable news ratings these days. I don't really get it either. Why do so many people watch these shows? I'd like to see a study on that someday. I'm a conservative and I don't watch their shows, because they are so biased to the right. I just want to hear news without political spins put on it, and I have yet to find a program that does that.

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The main problem here is that there really isn't anyone more important to go after these days. Democrats and Liberals hold all the power in America. Conservatives are the complete underdogs, and it actually sucks for Liberal thinkers who always used the idea that they were the one's fighting the power.

So instead, they will try to attack anyone who opposes those in power. It's funny, because the idea of ridicule for political opponents was created by an Extremist Liberal.

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Glenn Beck is an idiot.

He also contradicted himself on the Crowley incident, by saying Obama was a racist with deep seated hatred for white people, then 75 seconds later, "I'm not saying Obama dislikes white people". Um...yeah.

It's weird that more of his followers can't see through him, and it says something scary about the direction this country is headed.

Side: Clearly a schmuck