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The Israel - Palestinian conflict is complicated enough without these Yahoos


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Who do these apathetic bastards think they are? They are messing with a tradition that is decades old! ;)

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Some people have no respect for tradition, they'll probably wanna marry each other next

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all muslims are retarded and im not just saying that without knowledge

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TheAshman(2299) Disputed
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Ok i'll be sure to tell my Muslim friend who's doing Philosophy and Politics Degree and his family the Doctor and Dentist i'm sure they'll think as highly of you as I do

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Yes you are.

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I see the majority of people siding with Israel. I don't know why, given Israel started this whole thing by invading Palestine, then winging when they retaliate! You see a bomb go off in an Israeli bus, and it's on the headlines for days. Even fucking Cameron chipped in by offering his sympathies to the families of those involved, even though no one was seriously hurt. However, a further 18 people in Palestine are killed, including women and children, with babies squirting out blood all over the foreign news channels. Not a word on BBC, CNN or Fox. I am completely pro- Palestine here. I know they shouldn't be firing rockets at Tel Aviv, but the Isralies have done far worse

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The majority of people are definately more pro Israel even though they are in the wrong, Gaza is blockaded splitting up families, Fishermen cant get to the Sea and people cant get things exported so as well as getting bombed the Palestinians are being starved and their portrayed as the bad guys!!!

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Exactly! Most people don't see that though. Israel is an ally to the US and UK, so people always see them as the good guys. They're allowing just about enough provisions in as to not let people die, but not get strong enough to rebel!

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I think it's kinda cute :) Anyway, wars nowadays are boring- I say bring back the swords and we can all have fun.

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