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 The Left always use the same ridiculous excuses for idiots who refuse to honor our nation. (12)

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The Left always use the same ridiculous excuses for idiots who refuse to honor our nation.

This is what we always hear from the Left who actually agree with these idiots who refuse to stand for the nation that protects their freedoms to be idiots.

What person does not know that we as Americans have the right to be idiots when refusing to stand and honor our national anthem.

If our nation was standing for racism, or supporting Black cops killing Black people for no reason, one would understand their protest.
But this is not what is going on. The only people the Democrat Party now supports killing is our innocent unborn babies all the way up to birth with no restriction abortions.

These idiotic sport's figures are protesting America FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. America does not kill innocent Black people. Individual people kill others for whatever reason. The courts will decide who is guilty or not.

Tell me why those on the Left never want to call these idiots what they are? They are extremist race baters always trying to create a narrative of racism. It's all about getting Hillary elected. She is the queen of race bating and creating division in America purely to get votes.

I see no outrage from the Left when these race baters spit on our national anthem. Everyone should be outraged at the misplaced protest from these idiots when they refuse to stand for our nation's anthem.

Do you love America? If you do, tell the truth and tell it like it is. The fact that Americans have a right to be unpatriotic idiots, does NOT mean it is ok! It is pathetic when their protest is so misplaced.
If they had the guts to admit the true problem, they would be going after the dead beat fathers who abandon their children. The crime created in the Black communities from absent fathers is what make cops afraid of Black men on the street. The steriotype is born from a culture of broken homes!
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Lol. Nationalism is very strong this year. You remind me of the Loyalists in the revolutionary war. You respect your country because you are one of its privileged citizens and you cannot put yourself into the shoes of the people this country has severely wronged. Why should the descendants of slaves or Native Americans or Mexicans or any of the other groups this country has wronged be expected to respect the symbol of their oppressors?

FromWithin(8241) Disputed
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You prove my point. People on the Left such as yourself do not like or respect America. This is why our liar and cheif wanted to TRANSFROM America.

Lets use your same deceptive logic with the Democrat party. They were the party of slavery during the civil war. So tell me, in all your disdain for America, do you still hold the Democrat party in contempt for their support of slavery? Repubicans and Christians were against slavery and were why our nation started changing in regards to slavery.

Do you hate the Democrat party because of their past? I'm quite sure you support the Democrat party and will vote for Hillary.

To paint AMERICA as still being racist makes you an idiot! There will ALWAYS be some racists in every nation on Earth. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THE NATION STANDS FOR IT!

You live in this left wing ideology where you hate Christians, you hate any mention of our Christian heritage and is why you support these fools who disrespect the greatest nation on Earth.

nobodyknows(745) Clarified
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I am a leftist? I would've chosen Kasich over Hillary. Or Jeb, or Rand Paul.

I agree that America is the greatest nation on Earth as you say, but I do not believe that we should face Washington DC and prostrate ourselves 5 times a day in worship of it. I especially don't believe that we shouldn't be open to criticism.

Surely I condemn the actions of the Democrats of the early 20th century. They were the party of southern racists and the KKK. I also commend them for their abandonment of those people during the civil rights movement. I commend Republicans for their efforts for the abolishment of slavery. I also commend them for the liberation of free market capitalism in the 1980's. However I condemn them for the Southern Strategy and for their recent acceptance of the racist demagogue Donald Trump. I will commend them again when they eject the racist and religious fundamentalist ideologies that so dominate their party today.

I do not paint America as racist. I simply point out that it still remains a problem. I live in the south. You cannot tell me racism doesn't exist because I see it and hear it all the time. Ask any African American how many times they have been pulled over and I guarantee it is a number an order of magnitude higher than yours.

I don't really mind mention of this nation's Christian heritage. I believe that our secular heritage is much more important and valuable though. That doesn't mean atheism, it just means separation of church and state. I don't think we should add any more Christianity to our heritage. In fact, I think we become a more perfect union the less Christianity or any other religion is a part of current political matters. We don't want God on our money or the ten commandments in courtrooms. The more secular we are the better we are.

NWORevenge Disputed
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Slavery lasted 300 years. The systematic (by this I am referring to Black Codes, which prevented blacks from testifying against white people in the court of law, effectively forcing them to continue as slaves in practice even after 1865 as they were not being paid in many cases and they had no recourse, and the subsequent laws passed, including Jim Crow laws, That criminalized being black without saying as much) methods used to disrupt and incarcerate large portions of the black population continue to this day. To think that somehow racism is gone in a fraction of that time is asinine. But since you are some how confused by this let me explain why people are kneeling. This country is built no great people demanding a say in their destiny. We were founded on the principles of unalienable rights and liberties that are bestowed upon every man and woman at birth. Those liberties were not allowed to black people when they were dragged here in chains. Or when they toiled in fields for no pay and evil treatment, or even when people like you did us the "favor" of allowing us a few rights, but not all of them because we couldn't be on the same level as white folks. If you think we "have enough rights" or that we somehow appreciate this country less because we want what is promised to each and every citizen, then you are less appreciative of this country than those you think are defiling it. Black people ARE NOT treated as Americans. They are black first, and American second. If you don't agree with that, look at what you are saying. You insult THE PRESIDENT, the very head of this nation, the man who, right or wrong, has to bear the responsibility for every person and life in this country. But because people are kneeling during the pledge of allegiance or the National Anthem, which is not disrespectful mind you, but a show of morning for those who have been refused the rights that were fought for in that very anthem, you seem to be enraged. How can your insulting of the president NOT be just as disrespectful? because its private? The real reason you are mad is because they are black and they want more than you think they should have. The left has nothing to do with this. American citizens are guaranteed the right to peaceful protest as decreed by the US constitution, which is the embodiment of this country. If you think that is wrong, then you think America is wrong, and maybe YOU should leave.

for idiots who refuse to honor our nation.

You mean people who say things like "we don't win anymore" as a country, or imply that America is no longer great, or constantly tout the moral breakdown of Americans?

FromWithin(8241) Disputed
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Trump is not such an idiot where he would blame "America" for the actions of Liberals.

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Ok, I've read this sentence like ten times and I still don't think I know what you're trying to say here. Can you clarify?