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 The Leftist Mind at Work and WOW (7)

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The Leftist Mind at Work and WOW

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In the Leftist mind a Transgender woman is a man with a penis and a nut sack.
A Transgender man is a woman with a vagina.
So Leftist put your 100 in an check your stupidity!
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Leftist mind? As if. How about leftist mindless minion. That's more fitting.

You're welcome.

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You've never even spoken to a transwoman. Wtf do you know? Lol. You're a clown.

ViceMaga(207) Disputed
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That's because very few people are deranged enough to start chopping off body parts. Now the left celebrates the castration of male children.

Atrag(5666) Disputed
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Nah there are plenty of trans people to meet and ask the opinion of. If you can't find any? Well maybe you shouldn't be worrying your little head about something that will never affect you and that you frankly have no way of understanding.