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The Liberal Agenda

I was a little wary of putting this here because it sends people away from this site to watch something then asks them to come back and discuss it. But I figure if the administrators don't like that they can just delete the debate. I just wanted people to watch this 10min long video and give their own opinions on it. Now the first bit may seem stupid and pointless as it talks about star trek but later on he uses it to make a point so just bare with it. I didn't make this video. It was made by a man who goes by the name TheAmazingAtheist and with 262,853 subscribers and 87,738,730 views I would suspect some of you have heard of him and probity seen the video before.

Warning to the right wing members of the site. The video is a bit of an attack on you guys. So if you choose to watch it expect not to be happy in the end.

And now on to the video:

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I agree with TheAmazingAitheist when he says that our main problem in the U.S. is ideological. But I think he far exaggerates how the liberals are "losing".

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Cool thing about TJ is that he never backs up anything he says. When it seems that he's about to make a point, he just says "cause the world is fucked and conservatives and christians are stupid."

As someone who is a "classical liberal" i find the rants of TJ (aka the amazing atheist) to be some of the dumbest things I've seen since Michael Moore. He has no evidence and no real argument. he's just an assclown who thinks that being atheist AUTOMATICALLY makes him smart.

I remember seeing this video before with some friends who actually like to watch TJ's videos (they're neo-liberals) and even they admit that he goes nowhere with his rants.

Maybe cause he was raped as a child...

Accurate description of the amazing atheist

Side: Amazing Atheist Retard

God damn don't rip the guy a new asshole or anything. That link was something. Lol.

Really I am not for or against him as a person. I was just interested in that video. I don't even know that much about him so at a later date I'll take a longer look at that link you posted.

Side: Amazing Atheist Retard