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The Live Chess App

The Live Chess app has a much better time system than Chess.Com. You get 15 minutes on the clock, but then you get an extra 15 seconds every time you make a move. I don't think you can add friends on there though. Everybody is anonymous.

I just won a tough couple of games against the same opponent. The first one he was beating me by a couple of points and was in a better position when the gooseberry let me take his queen. The second one I won comfortably, but I see what you mean about my attack versus my defence now. I'm an extremely offensive player. Right at the end he threatened to fork my queen and both rooks with a knight and I let him do it just so I could move a bishop into position for an attack. Luckily the attack paid off and I mated him, but if I'd missed something he would have just had a rook off me for no reason. I could have easily defended it, but I couldn't be bothered.


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When the same shit happens to you consistently even when you know the opponent isn't cheating will you still call me a cheater?

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When the same shit happens to you consistently


even when you know the opponent isn't cheating

I don't, won't and can't know the opponent isn't cheating if we are playing over the internet instead of face to face.

Stop being salty.

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Stop being salty.

Shut up you fucking deflated nut sack, this is no different from all the other times you accused me of shit and found out you were wrong. Like the time you thought I plagiarized your 9/11 list for instance.

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The live chest app is performed multiple times a day by emergency medical technicians.

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