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 The Most Important Thing To Do Before You Die. (12)

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The Most Important Thing To Do Before You Die.

A lot of people have a 'bucket list' of sorts where they write down the most important things to do before you die. What is number one on the lists of all you guys?

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Find Love. I mean true love, undying love. Yeah I've felt love, but I don't think I've felt true love before. Love I have always seen as a term to describe someones short term passion for someone, and true love is a life-long passion for someone. Quite a number of people will disagree with my definition of love and true love, but all the same I find it an easier way to describe feelings towards others.

I would like to beleive in true love, but I'm far too cynical to endorse the concept.

I have heard many defintions of true love most don't sit right with me.

If there is one defintion i agree with it would have to be that true love is the ability to love another human being more than you love yourself, to be willing to die in order to let them live, to care more about their happiness than your own, to give yourself to them in every way possible, and to let them do with you, your feelings, your insecurities and fears, your highs and lows, your hopes and dreams whatever they choose.

However, the most important thing I would like to do before i die is to achieve enlightenment, and to discard this ego that has ravaged my psyche.

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The most important thing you should do before you die is confess that you have sinned and turn to Jesus Christ and then go to Heaven but if you don't then your off to a place where you will be in eternal fire.

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I am glad that you are putting your opinion out here, but the question was about what you believe is the most important thing that you should do before you die. I am glad that you are a very devout Christian; Christians are the most optimistic people I know. But please don't try and preach to me what the most important thing I should do is, based on your opinions. This debate is only about what you want to do.

I'm sorry if this comes off as up-front and hostile, but I am being sincere this time and am just asking for peace.

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I don't have one HUGE thing I want to do before I die. Maybe have children but that's not even that huge because if I have a child then die, then where does that leave them?

I have already found this big love in my life, I don't know if he's going to be with me forever, but just the experience he's given me is enough to be content with that.

I guess maybe finding a career that makes me happy, but I'm so young that I'm still confused about finding that. lol

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Heyy ladies meh name is will farell and i like to party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What the hell are you on about?

GET A HOLE IN ONE----------------------------------------


Most important thing for me would be to start a family, and be a good father/husband/uncle/person. Simple and cliche' but that's pretty much all I want out of life.

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I believe one of the few reasons why I am still alive, to this day, is that I want to find my special someone, or at least someone very close to that. I am an affectionate guy, and I want to find someone that I can look forward to seeing everyday and live for. If I don't get that before I die, then I'll have wasted my entire life.

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