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 The Most Sickening Display of Willful Ignorance..... (8)

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The Most Sickening Display of Willful Ignorance.....

....I've ever seen in my life:

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5 points

I find it extremely ironic he uses the internet.

Looks like he's going to hell then. xD Silly religious-zealots.

I'm almost tempted to join that Neo-Con website and tell them that, according to that Reverand, they are all going to hell for using the internet, a technological spawn of the witchcraft of Satan.

This kind of mindset isn't what Jesus wanted...

3 points

Holy f*ckmonkies.

Planes fly because of witchcraft?

I don't even know where to begin criticizing this lunatic...

Are Reverands celebate? I hope they are. He doesn't deserve to be loved romantically if he thinks this way.

2 points

What's really hilarious is that so many people can't tell the difference between satire and a real religious group.

chatturgha(1630) Disputed
1 point

What proof is there that it is satire? I grew up knowing religious fanatics almost that bad. Not totally that bad, but almost

1 point

It's hard to believe that idiots like that truly exist .

1 point

This is HILARIOUS! Did you go on the godhatesgoths link? I was listening to gothic music- Requiem for the nameless dead- when I clicked on the link. Total stereotyping! Ridiculous.

1 point

It's sattire, people. If you go on to his godhatesgoths page it becomes obvious.