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 The Mothman Prophecies (12)

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The Mothman Prophecies

Assuming you've seen it, and potentially researched about it, you can leave an opinion.

I want to know what those that have seen it, think about it. And if you have researched it further, what you have uncovered.

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I just watched it not too long ago and was pretty freaked out of my soul. I'm not even religious, nor do I believe in God or spirits, but this movie came off FEELING like it was some religious scenarios that many people have witnessed/experienced. Considering it's based on a true story... and has been seen in many other areas in the world. In fact, it came off seeming like "mothman" is actually "Death." Whom pries on the weak and is in a sense, warning them all that they're going to die soon (although, not always straight up). I mean, is it just me, or is anyone else noticing that those that turn to God actually have weak minds? I don't mean weak as in will-power or mental clarity, but weak as in their life is hanging on the line (whether they know it or not), and they have to seek God, or God (and entities) seek them because they're closer to their deathbed than an otherwise healthy person?

Anyways, it made me think all that. But it also makes you ponder the supernatural further. And then it makes you wonder if the Mothman story (all of them) are successful myths, of a sort. Either way, it's effing creepy of a movie. I wanna know what anyone else that has seen it thinks.

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I mean, is it just me, or is anyone else noticing that those that turn to God actually have weak minds? I don't mean weak as in will-power or mental clarity, but weak as in their life is hanging on the line (whether they know it or not), and they have to seek God, or God (and entities) seek them because they're closer to their deathbed than an otherwise healthy person?

Everyone's life is hanging on the line whether they know it or not, so of course that part is true.

But having been raised extremely religious, and buying into the whole thing whole-heartedly until my late teens and early twenties when I guess my mind simply would no longer allow myself to live in delusion - I can definitely vouch for the "week mind" part of your statement.

And you're right, not week as in dumb, but another kind of week, though I'm not sure your explanation was the best.

To toot my own horn, (only because it's a relevant example I swear :/ ) I was a straight A student and had the highest SAT's in my graduating class, full academic scholarships, etc, and yet I believed I had an invisible daddy in the sky watching over me. It's like a blanket to shield you from the realities of life, there's really no such thing as death, if I mess up it's okay because I just have to say sorry, etc. I hate it now actually; I think it's a poison.

I was very smart, but I had a part of my mind that was so closed it is almost scary to think of it. This is a weakness, and I definitely had it.

The religious don't really consider other options, they pretend to, they may even think they do, but to the religious, the only thing that can possibly be right is what they think. You cannot reason with these people, which can become dangerous when a religion takes a turn like during the crusades, or when they start a jihad, or even when they simply refuse to grant a group of people equal rights because they think god doesn't want them to. They make excuses for these actions, literally entrench their opinions on something in such a twisted labyrinth of semi-logic that they are incapable of seeing for instance that not allowing two consenting gay people to marry is no different than not allowing a straight couple who are for some reason unable to have kids to marry, there literally is no difference from a moral or social standpoint in the two situations, but they cannot see this, it's impossible for some. Everything has been excused from murder to rape in the name of a god, but no correlation to any other similar or past injustice can be made in their minds, even if they acknowledge a past injustice, when they are in that moment, because in that moment, they believe a god has taken responsibility for them... er, that makes sense I swear, I can't think of a better way to put it though.

Anyway, there are 2 main kinds of religious people, those indoctrinated as I was, and those who turn to god later in life.

I would guess indoctrination is the worse culprit, as even though I was always good at figuring stuff out, it was two or three years of struggling with it, studying it, making excuses for the inaccuracies in it, before I could finally shed myself of it. I imagine most never go through the trouble and remain week-minded in that sense for their whole existence.

The other kind though, I think you'll find that people do not turn to god later unless they are looking for a way out. An escape from addiction, from their life, or from death, they are not capable of handling these things within themselves, to come to terms with them, and so buy into a pretty story that has them living happily ever after.

I'm not necessarily against that last one if it brings them comfort, so long as they don't insist others participate in their delusion. Still though, it is a weakness stemming from an inability to handle facts of life.

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Yea, I agree. You've basically phrased everything I want to tell people about religion, in a better way than I would ever be able to.

I do realize my statement was a little...all over the place. What i meant was, that in many stories (movies and books), those that have contact with entities, are those that have suffered some sort of trauma that somehow, makes them more "sensitive" to the presence of spirits. I've seen about 3 ghost movies over the past 2 weeks, and that's been the bottom line in them of why a selected view can sense entities, compared to otherwise "truly healthy" people, who have no experienced any serious trauma or whose life isn't hanging on the line... in the sense of a physical complication within them (cancer, tumors, AIDS, anything). That's what I was trying to say though.

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I saw the movie and read the book - the movie takes some creative licenses - and I liked the book better (recommend it especially for those interested in weird phenomena) but I thought the movie was decent though (as a scary flick)

Another book by John Keel is "Disneyland of the Gods" great title and a real page turner.

Concerning the books subject matter I think what John Keel talks about (mainly in Disneyland of the Gods) that "hallucinations/weird mind states" happen allot along places with strong electromagnetic pollution explains allot of what is going on here. Also there are actually Electrical engineers that work full-time going into "hunted houses" and measuring electromagnetic pollution and making the necessary changes so that the "ghost activity" stops. They are quite successful at this.

Weather the electromagnetism is causing the brain to hallucinate or opening a portal to our ancestors and other strange worlds I leave for the starry eyed to conclude

But Ill say this, with my experiences with hallucinogens I have noticed that as long as everybody is under the influence it is quite easy for a group of people to hallucinate the same things -and I would say that happens because of suggestion and not some wi-fi connection everybody suddenly gets because they ate a few mushrooms. On the other hand your hearing, and vision does get stronger with the use of hallucinogens and that has been verified scientifically (with eye tests and hearing tests). I would wager that if electromagnetism can affect the mind then it wouldn't be so strange for allot of people having similar hallucinations

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That makes sense. I was finding it coincidental of the people experiencing all the supernatural stuff because they were near a chemical plant. Maybe there was a leak in the air causing most of the citizens to experience the same side effects of the leak, leading to hallucinogens. The premonitions though, would have to be looked into. Maybe they had nothing to do with the "real" story but were added in the movie to make it more suspenceful? What would be reasoning for this Mothman being visible in a lot of other cities though? And then dissapearing and being in a new city?

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The premonitions where actually a big part of the story in the book. Its a long time since a read it but i seem to remember that in the movie alot of that stuff was compacted into one person having the premonition rather than many and etc.

As soon as the mothman was reported by a bunch of teenagers then there was held a press conference the next day so I think as soon as the word is out about a "mothman" (remember Batman was quite popular at the time so such a story would have spread fast) then it is quite probable that different sightings get interpeted the same way .

I think in general people underestimate how easilly suggestable they can be. Any good ad-man and hypnotist knows this.

If you want to see what a good hypnotist/mentalist can do with suggestion check out the videos with Derren Brown on youtube.

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Never watched it, but I find the electromagnetism thing Pung mentioned interesting. 9 times out of 10 that's the answer in the show Ghost Hunters. Since I didn't watch Mothman Prophesies, this may be a tangent but it's about the supernatural:

It's certainly not possible for a ghost in the sense we think of to exist, but we have no way of knowing how the considerable amount of energy our brains create over a lifetime interacts with the environment, or even if it's possible for it to kind of leave some remnant of that for a time, though it's quite unlikely.

About a year ago I went through a period of night terrors, which vary from nighmares in that they seem real even after waking, infact you are partly awake during them.

They shook me a little, so I did some research, and like most unexplainable phenomenon, there was a perfectly logical explanation.

Much like a dolphin, whose two sides of the brain take turns sleeping so it is always awake, one side of the human brain can sometimes wake up before the other. So while one side is dreaming something fantastic, the other side is recording these as real events that are happening while you are awake.

Often this can happen in your deepest state of sleep, when for a brief time your body is actually paralyzed.

Being paralyzed is a very uncomfortable feeling when awake, which half of your brain is, and so it's natural you would become paniced and have a night terror. Trouble breathing, paralasis, the feeling of, or even seeing someone watching you, often even a white light right over you, these are all classic signs, which is exactly what was happening to me. But once I knew what it was that had been happening, they stopped, and that is quite common I heard from the research I did on it.

Before these were understood, night terrors were blamed on witches, spirits, etc. People were killed because someone would have a night terror, and think it was a curse put on them.

Aren't people great? At any rate, they seem real enough to kill someone over apparently but still, as real and supernatural as they seem, eventually we figured them out. Just as people have figured out many "hauntings" are actually due to high emf's

There's a logical explanation for everything, even mothmen, some things are just harder to figure out.

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Nichole(689) Disputed
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Huh... this isn't a thread for you to belittle atheists. In fact, your response had nothing to do with the subject at hand- Just in case you wonder why you're being downvoted.

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A Christian view blocked by an atheist and an agnostic, the truth hurts. My words and my faith are neither phased by this.

Everything is connected. The foundation of ones arguments comes from the sum of ones experiences. To young to see that down voting just validates the truth, a lie needs no action.

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