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The NDAA is a human rights violation.

I dont know HOW any so called libertarian in their right mind could support indefinate detention without legal counsel and due process. 

I agree.

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I disagree.

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i agree that you tax paying slaves wont do a damn thing about it. you worthless cowards deserve your human rights to be violated

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pakicetus(1455) Disputed
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deserve your human rights to be violated

Can we start with you? I honestly doubt you'd call anyone a "worthless coward" to their face XD

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Clarify this a bit more. Are you saying you don't understand solitary confinement? And if so why or why not?

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I am saying that detention should only be by due process, the right to not self incriminate should be protected, and legal counsel should be protected. I have no prob with justified detention, but otherwise nah uh.

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