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The Narnia Series...

Did your opinion of the Narnia series change when you discovered they were all christian allegories?


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Not at all. It just showed that Christians who believe fantasy fairy tales are evil are hypocrites.

Which there are.

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No.. The work is still good! Nothing can change that! But, certain things do rectify how mush you respect it...!

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I don't understand why someone's view would change on a fantastic series of books just because they're of a religion. Who does that. Idiots, that's who.

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I definitly agree with you .

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Why would it? I find that the best forms of art are with religion embedded into them, be they books, movies or paintings.

Narnia gives religion a very beautiful face should be praised for it.

The only people this type of news would affect are the people without faith or belief in God.

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