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The Next Generation of Americans are Screwed

Nowadays about pone tenth of children in the USA are obsess, teenagers are getting pregnant,  kids are trying to get high by even smoking smarties, and are constantly disrespecting their parents. When these kids grow up and become US citizens will we make it?  

The USA's Deadmeat

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We'll Make It

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With their work ethics, they will be sitting in the dark complaining about not being able to charge their smart phones. If only they had enough battery to Google it, they would have learned it takes people to run an electric plant.

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We'll if you put it that way, we won't make it! Sadly we are raising a group who thinks they are entitled to whatever they want. The moment that spanking your child became something evil, was the day we kissed the future of this country good bye! Just saying

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Here is why I disagree: 1. No one person has the right to another person's body. This is why I reserve the use of physical force for emergencies only. If someone tries to rape, torture, or muder someone else, I believe the intended victim has the right to defend themself. 2. Not everything to do with self is evil because you cannot love your neighbor as yourself unless you love yourself. 3. I agree with the founding fathers that we are all endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 4. I am not saying to only think of yourself, I am just saying it is healthy to love yourself with moderation. 5. People have the right to feel safe, and being spanked violates that right.

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90% of the population will be fine. We'll probably get better.

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Naw, we'll be fine. Natural selection will take its course and weed out the morons...


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It's not an accurate assumption to believe an entire generation is doomed based on the actions of a few bad apples.

You misspelled obese. I normally would ignore it but it was actually confusing in this instance for at least a second, I suggest correcting it. As for the problem of obesity, I ask what's so wrong about that? Obesity in itself isn't an issue it's the health complications that can come with it, but if that other stuff is taken care of a little bit of extra weight is not really an issue. Sure it's not the best shape you could be in, but how many of the average citizens of a nation do you ever really see that are?

Teenagers are getting pregnant you say, I ask what's the statistics on that I didn't bother to google it, I'm sure it's not significant enough to warrant the claim that the next generation is doomed, which for me would be at least 49%. Second could you prove that a teen getting pregnant will be dooming themselves? I'll give it to you that, of the small percentage of teens getting pregnant, that the largest percentage of them are not fit to take care of themselves, but the ones that can and do, are the hope for the new generation if you ask me.

Last thing, the snorting smarties issue. I've witnessed this first hand, in school actually, and it's not a serious issue at all. It's kids goofing, mimicking adult behavior in an attempt to act cool by pretending to take drugs, but among their peers they all know it's just candy and that their are no greater ill affects than snorting anything.

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I don't have hard data on the other portions of this, but teens giving birth is actually on a steady decline since 1990. While this isn't necessarily reflective the overall rate of teen pregnancy, it is certainly reflective of the 'life ruining' aspects of teen pregnancy.

I've seen studies that suggest childhood obesity has been declining as well, but I don't have a link off the top of my head and what I have seen isn't properly sourced, so that is little more than conjecture.

I sincerely doubt that the proportion of people trying to get high on whatever they can is higher today than it was in the 70s and 80s, but again I don't have any kind of data to back that doubt.

I think the perception that things are worse is more due to these issues being in the media limelight than it is in response to actual 'epidemics.'

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As long as we still have cheerios, breaking bad, and the statue of liberty, things will be fine.

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Unfortunately, too much focus is placed on negative societal trends of young people in America.

People forget that more teens are attending college than ever before. I mean, 40,000 kids applied to Stanford University last year. That shows a growing trend of driving to attain the best education possible in order to fill important jobs in the future and improve society.

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