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The Office...Best show on television????

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I love TV because of this show!

I mean, "House", "Monk", "Psych", "Burn Notice", and "American Idol" all rank high on my list, but the best show on television has to be the British comedy turned American, "The Office"!!!!

Steve Carrell, John Krasinski, and Rainn Wilson make a brilliant cast.

The stupidity Michael Scott displays is so hilarious...

The reality of the show adds the the hilarity...

The writing is brilliant...

Plus, adding the writers to the cast (Novak and Liberstein) was a great move.

The show is brilliant.

Now, I'm wishing they would add a joke about Joe Biden being from Scranton...!

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It's a hilarious show and is completely original (at least in the U.S.). It seems like so many shows are based off similar structures, and, after a while, shows get all the same. I'm glad The Office has an odd way of going about creating humorous television. I hope new shows don't come out and use the fake documentary style. That would really ruin the whole thing.

They really did a great job on the cast, by the way. Great characters played by great actors is as good as it gets.

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The American version because it has Steve Carrel and he is hilarious

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well i prefer the uk version, i'm not saying the american one is bad. i guess this is just the wrong debate anyway

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Yea..I guess

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Hmmm... Good idea...

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of course it is ! it's full of random things that make you luagh. you just can't go wrong with that. (:

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The office is a good show but its defiantly not the best show on T.V. Family Guy is the best show on television because all the comedy is so offensive yet funny, also the repeats i have seen 100 times make me laugh.

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the original UK version is far far better, smarter humour, more believable characters and overall just funnier.

watching the us version is, for me, painful.

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I can't stand the UK version...

Steve Carrell, Rainn Wilson, and John Krasinski, for me, create an unbelievably funny cast...

The humor is a different variation from the UK version..Which is to be expected with a conversion in the US...It has created a new sense of humor..If you create believable characters with believable situations in every episode what would become of US comedy???? The stupidity that Michael displays is hilarious. Dwight's beet farm and on again off again romance can't be wrote off as stupid comedy. You have to look at the bigger picture...

Plus, the UK characters are TOO believable. After awhile. they become boring and predictable..

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